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Hello all! So over on my YouTube channel I'm doing a series on Tekkit Classic. I used to play almost 6 months ago and now I'm getting back into it.

I've forgotten how to play and I'm figuring it all out over again. I'm open to all and any suggestions, so go ahead.

If you guys could check it out that would be really awesome.


Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/MrDineco

Videos in a playlist - 

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My IGN is Crafter_Geoff but i think playing tekkit alone making videos will get u in so much things u need to find everything alone if u are with 2 players u could say "ok you go find that ill make that or do that"

so it will be less hard like if u see the yogscast also did it with 2-4 players so it won't be too hard but i have a big knowledge of tekkit if u are intrested or nee to ask anything contact me on skype: lolborekjunior or geoffrey.everaert

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