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anonymous is on you: you will regret (a short story)


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I came in expecting an actual short story. I laughed anyway.

I love when people say "Oh I know everyone in Anonymous and they're going to DDOS your stupid site unless you give me all the admins!" like it's going to scare people.

Plus, the whole reason he got mad was because the admins wouldn't give him something that DIDN'T EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE.

googled iToxic.

Giggled a little.

Oh no! He's going to send a team of highly trained professionals to jailbreak my iPhone and teach me how to use Linux! What ever shall I do?

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Well, knowing how to use Linux is dreadful enough in itself.

Nah, I kid. I don't actually use Linux myself, though the times that I have used it I found it fine. I really don't get the OS wars.

Same reason there's wars over mods, modpacks, RPG classes, etc. Also the same reason there's been many ethnic problems and issues with skin colors in real life.

It's human nature to mentally place someone into a group, and then stereotype that group. You then associate yourself with a group, similarly, and try to prove why your group is best.

The human mind is a strange thing, trying to overcome its flaws is one of the best goals a person can have.

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