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Hi guys, been playing AoftBT for about 3 weeks now and iv gotta say I'm loving it! 


I think its got the balance spot on so far! moved over from a big dig server, and a voltz before that and iv gotta say the only mod i feel i really miss is Applied Energistics. would love to see this included in a future release. imagine dropping down in your airship with your portable ME system. lovely!


Have found storage is the biggest challenge on the game, especially on server with teams. Even with deep storage units from factory mod, so being able to build a centralised unit and have mobile interfaces would be a very cool addition, without so much backwards and forwards if your working on a project far away.


It also greatly reduces the risk of a random chunk reset (we've all been there), taking out all you hold dear to your heart! if you have a storage drive built in the system in 2 locations, if a bunch of chunks reset its not as disastrous a complete reseed of your precious storage room, and they don't take up as much space or RAM usage as a piped up store using thermal expansion.


Keep up the good work!


*signed Nerd taken away by a Geek*

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Chunks being reset shouldn't be an issue as long as you're not exploiting bugs/glitches that would cause it to begin with. I've never had a chunk reset without reason. And AE systems wouldn't be immune to such chunk damages anyway as it may take out those storage drives unless for some reason you're going to keep them all on-person at all times, and even then what if your player dat file needs to be removed? Itd be lost in that case. I'm not disagreeing that the current storage system using project red is a bit lackluster but it does indeed work, and isn't too difficult to setup. I would rather keep this system and have the mod author update it further to improve capabilities and fix issues that may arise instead of adding an additional tech-heavy type mod that uses power in order to run (something generikb mentioned early in his series was something they wanted to avoid)

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