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HELP| Hats mod doesn't work on server!


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(Is this the right place? Please move it if not.)

I have a private modpack:



And yesterday I played it with a friend on my server(of the modpack.).

We got some hats from some mobs, but when I press H (to select a hat) it just shows my cursor for a second, and then back to normal, and the hat selection won't work! And it didn't work for my friend either!

I checked the controlls options, but that's not there.

I also checked the configurations of the Hats mod, but it's already on "Hat Hunting" mode! (the normal mode)


Please help me!

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  • Discord Moderator

Your problem with Hats is just a control/key definition conflict. Open your control settings and change the current binding for "H" (team settings I think) to "Y" and Hats will work just fine on the "H" key.


That being said, you have a MASSIVE number of ID conflicts which will render many aspects of gameplay and development unusable. In addition to that you have many outdated mods and mods with known fatal conflicts (Mekanism 5.6 and IC2).

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  • Discord Moderator

Re-read my first sentence. It specifically says to find the current key binding tied to the "H" key and change it to "Y".


If you don't see the ID conflicts then you aren't looking in the ForgeModLoader client log. It is riddled with them.

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I fixed it.

The hat selection button didn't show up in the controlls option, but there was something else that used H button, so I switched it to something else.

And I still can't find any ID conflicts, but it doesn't really matter, because the server works so far.

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  • Discord Moderator

So, when you say that "I can't find any ID conflicts", how are you actually checking that? If you open up your most recent ForgeModLoader client log and search for the word "CONFLICT" (without quotes) you get no matches? Because I find quite a few.

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Ahh, I just finished uploading a new version... -_-

I'll check it tomorrow, it's late.



I'm about to make a new verion, so I'll check dem conflicts.



SH*T I forgot about the id confilicts... Oh, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU



LOL!, I didn't find ANY conflicts in "ForgeModLoader-2" (latest) and "ForgeModLoader-client-2" (latest), and I searched for them with Ctrl+F,

So I know 100% that there aren't any.

What CONFLICTS exactly are you talking about?? :3

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