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Question about MCPC+ & Hexxit - From a newbie.

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I know that a lot, if not most of you have a better grasp on the java, and server side aspect of minecraft/hexxit. So forgive me if I sound a little "uneducated" in this regard. I am proficient in learning new information. So shoot me with explanations and I will be able to grasp it!

So my question is.. How do I get Hexxit to work without it spewing out a long line of sporadic errors? also is there a MCPC+ that works well with the hexxit 1.0.10? 

So here is what I understand Hexxit is a "Forge Craft" type of Server, and thus it requires MCPC+ for it to use "plugins" feature. 

To use it you must first run Hexxit allow it to generate all the data required and form the worlds. then replace it with the MCPC+ Forgecraft.jar and run it again. Am I missing anything? 

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Rename your jar to Hexxit.jar when using MCPC+, or it wont run,


and you dont need to run hexxit first and then put in MCPC+, just download the last update from MCPC+ 1.5.2 and rename it too Hexxit.jar and you good to go :)

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