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That update was for 5/12, its now what? 8/31? It's been a while and still no new update. He may have been around for a while or even briefly to update the pack, but I havent seen any activity since on that main post.

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i believe that frizzil has actually come back to the mod and is updating it to the latest minecraft version


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Frizzil stated quite clearly that he wasn't going to continue developing it, he was only going to update it to latest MC version.

From his words:


So I've decided before open-sourcing Hack/Mine that it'll need to be the latest version of Minecraft,


If its frozen, not only why is it on the launcher, but why is there a tracker section for it?

because having options is nicer than not having them at all?


As for the Tracker part, I asked Genpage what we were gonna do with users that had Big Dig and Voltz issues. He went an added all three subsections to the Tracker. Which we didn't have before.

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