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Dead Crusade (Cancelled, or is it?)

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You know when you found out a kitten, but then the kitten went and got itself killed?

That's how I feel about this game...


Developed by a team led by a former 3D environment artist from Biowares Star Wars: Old Republic and co-founder and lead 3D environment artist of Chivalry, you can pretty much guess what this game was going to be.


A first person hack-and-slash based around the 1400th century Europe and the Black Death plague that terrorized it.

With massive hordes of zombies!


This was gonna be a single and co op game with amazing scenery of England and Italy, followed by gruesome decapitation of zombies.

This was first developed in Unreal engine 3, but later developed through Unreal 4.

It had so much promise.... lets hope it may come back one day.



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      This was an older Modpack but its has been fully updated with a brand new server! That's active & playable right now!
      Server is in Beta and being worked on but is still playable! Its a Towny server based, on beating your opponent or those whom may challenge you!
      Modpack Is full of adventure & quests, and tons of gear to choose from, and ores to mine and discover!
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      Gracraft Network
      Hello everyone!
      Here at Gracraft Network we bring you a server that will challenge your skills , test your strength but in a fun way! Our server is in beta and we are looking to bring more players to our network but also grow big some day!
      Our server consists of thirst, extreme weather ,  a desert world which includes ruined cities! We are a new open server looking to create a community of players who enjoy teaming up looking to restore power to the world! We hope to attract players of all ages.
      A small introduction to the backstory!
      Do you love Fallout? This is the right server for you!
      Humanities cradle around the world has fallen. Due to endless pollution , greed for natural resources and the endless battle to become the biggest superpower. Over 100 years has passed since the bombs have fallen and left the world hanging in the balance for survival. Very few humans had survived the nuclear fire seen over 100 years ago. The humans perseverance and dedication, one can conquer the seemingly insurmountable and not only survive, but thrive in the wasteland - recreating what many of the inhabitants of the Earth take for granted in real-life.
      Some of the mods/plugins we use:
      towny, supply drop ,Galactic craft, flans mod, Industrial Craft , Nuclear Control 2 , Mekanism , project red , Custom NPC, Props, Forestry and Tconstruct. 
      To ensure an apocalypse element on our server we have included quests , traders throughout the map and increased zombie spawns!
      The server is not whitelisted! Do /server Desolation OR use the compass
      The server will be up 24/7
      Please do not take advantage of bugs! We hope you would tell us as feedback is the best for improvement!
      Some of our important rules!
      No spamming
      No cheating
      No racist , sexist or hurtful comments will be accepted!
      Respect staff and each other!
      English is preferred!
      Ruined cities:

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      Hey Guys! daPoseidonGuy here!
      Today I am here to present to you a Flans Mod Minigame server!
      Heres a trailer:

      On this server you can play:
      Free for all
      Team DeathMatch
      Capture the Flag

      Not only that, but we have awesome maps, by the names of:
      Desert Conquest
      Cold War
      Anarchic City
      Overrun Airport
      Battle In The Village
      A Hell of A Trip

      There are a lot of cool kits and I think if you join it'll be a blast!
      Hope to see you on!

      IP: play.flantasticserver.net
      To get the mods:
      Download the Technic Launcher
      Go to the Modpacks Tab
      Search the following:
      Flantastic Pack
      Join IP (preloaded -- if not, play.flantasticserver.com)!

      For even more fun add me on skype!

    • By DawnFire Realms
      DawnFire Realms offers serious, mature roleplay survival in a credible dark fantasy world inspired by the lore of Fall from Heaven II.
      After many years of serving our community with vanilla servers, we now announce the launch of a modded server world:

      We have launched open Beta on: Friday September 25th, 21:00 CEST / 15:00 CET.
      Check out our website ... where you can register and apply for the whitelist.
      - Austeros runs on 1.7.10 MC and requires a Forge modded client and our core modpack. We support this with TechnicLauncher and two modpack versions: one core and one extended modpack, with grpahical mods that are not necessarily required to play but greatly improve the gameplay experience.
      We have carefully selected and configured our mods and generated Austeros using the ClimateControl mod to a world sized 40k*40k. This is what we prepare for you, the DFR community:
      - Selected mods match the theme and lore of Fall from Heaven II, the lore we also use for our vanilla server worlds. The main mods focus on magic and ingenuity:
      Thaumcraft 4, Witchery and Tinkers' Construct.
      - Roleplay and PvE are our main objectives in this immense, multi-featured world. PvP isn't. Players can freely decide whether they wish their character to engage in PvP or not.
      - Austeros is a 'dawn' world themed as a magical world somewhere in Ceridwen's indefinite vault, in between dream and reality, where the 'dreamers' (= players) are in control of their characters immortal lives.
      - Three roleplay starting towns to encourage roleplay from the very start. These are characterized by character alignment on the 'Organization scale': Lawful - Organic - Chaotic. The three towns are called Vedfolnir, Ostara and Nidhogg respectively.
      - Themes and styles of starting towns are rather unique for medieval fantasy MC worlds, see pictures in the second post!
      - For a divine perspective on Austeros, check our dynmap.
      - A carefully selected plugin set, in-line with the plugin set we use for our vanilla servers. Some of the main plugins: Towny, LWC, GriefPrevention, SignShop, ArmorWeight, Hydrate and DeathControl.
      - Character development to enhance the RP-PVE and RPG experience is supported with racial traits of 11 (!) races, defined using RaC + MCMMO permissions, many of our mods special features and ... of course, through roleplay.
      - Player loyalty and support (playtime and voting) is rewarded through a trusted rank system using AutoRank and a little in-game cash. Donators are rewarded similarly, plus they are allowed access to additional races for their characters to roleplay.
      Mods required to play on Austeros
      ThaumCraft 4 & Baubles - Base magic mod Witchery - Base magic mod TinkersConstruct & Mantle - Base smitty and weapon mod TinkersDefense - Add-on connecting Tinkers and Battle Gear 2 Battle Gear 2 - Why use one when you can use two hands? Also add quivers and some weapons Balkon's WeaponMod - Adds even more weapons ClimateControl - A mod that creates an awesome world with vanilla and many other biomes Highlands & BiomesO'Plenty - Biomes and much more UndergroundBiomeConstructs & WildCaves - For more realistic variety in sub-surface pioneering OceanCraft - More buzz in ze ozeanz MoCreatures - Ahh the cute and the fierce JustAnotherSpawner - To make mobs spawn not just everywhere Plant Mega Pack & Pam's HarvestCraft - More realistic flora, foodstuff and bamboo hugging AppleCore, GrowthCraft & HungerOverhaul - For an interesting farming and nourishment challenge BetterStorage - To stow away and arrange all this mod stuff BiblioCraft - Stuff, lots of stuff, some unfitting may be blocked Chisel - Neat rocks and chiseling for sheer awesomeness in builds! CarpentersBlocks - Neat woodworks for maximum cozynessness CraftHeraldry - Pimp your clan with a banner! Lantern - A handy tool to bring the light of Lugus into the underhome EnchantingPlus - Target enchants ... yes, we want that! CustomNPCs - Interactive NPCs and more roleplay-enhancing fun, activated after world generation to prevent generation of faction fortresses Armourer's Workshop - Enables creation of custom, detailed skins for weapons and armour: intended for use by staff to support events
      Our modpack is here: Technicpack - DFR
      And we also offer an extended graphics version: Technicpack - DFR Graphics+
      DawnFire Realms servers have already been up for over 4 years and served thousands of enthusiastic community members worldwide. Our highly customized vanilla world Somnium_Beta is still running today and still home to many of our members. We offer a decent roleplayer base, experienced staff, a lore unique for MineCraft MPS, vanilla and modded gameplay enviroments based on carefully selected and tuned plugins and mods, dedicated custom plugins and, most of all, an energizing and very inspiring community of mature players focussed on realistic immersive roleplay survival.
      We are always looking to strengthen our staff team. If you feel you could add to DawnFire Realms, either apply for a position as Aide (builder) or send a pm to a Seraph in case you're interested in helping out with coding, graphics and/or our wiki.
      Playing on our vanilla world Somnium doesn't require a whitelist application. If you prefer playing there, don't hesitate to do so. More info can be found here and on our website.
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