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Dead Crusade (Cancelled, or is it?)


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You know when you found out a kitten, but then the kitten went and got itself killed?

That's how I feel about this game...


Developed by a team led by a former 3D environment artist from Biowares Star Wars: Old Republic and co-founder and lead 3D environment artist of Chivalry, you can pretty much guess what this game was going to be.


A first person hack-and-slash based around the 1400th century Europe and the Black Death plague that terrorized it.

With massive hordes of zombies!


This was gonna be a single and co op game with amazing scenery of England and Italy, followed by gruesome decapitation of zombies.

This was first developed in Unreal engine 3, but later developed through Unreal 4.

It had so much promise.... lets hope it may come back one day.



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