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My Tekkitcraft is full of eels


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Greetings, Tekkiteers!

And also welcome to the lost souls who stumble into our little forum seeking advice and help with their issues. I have watched the issue tracker and discussion forum for a while, and I see a few patterns emerge that could be caught easiest with a short and concise FAQ. Since nobody else is writing maintaining one, I decided to simply start it here, and everybody else is invited to join in. If this works, it might be useful as a sticky, or at least as something to point people at.





Part 1: Tekkit Has The Crashies



I.  My Tekkit returns to launcher after loading screen!

More a frequently yelled exclamation, really. Here is a list of common issues you can check before assuming a bug in Tekkit.

  • Do you have a current Java version to run Minecraft/Tekkit on? Try getting the latest Java 7 here , and make sure to uninstall older ones first.
  • Are your local files corrupted? This and many other issues can be solved by resetting the modpack. The option hides behind the little gear icon under the modpack in the launcher.
  • Sometimes even a launcher reset fails to fix things. Manually removing all files and completely reinstalling the launcher can help. Make sure to back up any local worlds first. You will also lose Rei Minimap waypoints unless you find their file and back it up, too.
  • Have you modified your Tekkit? Remove any additions and changes you made yourself and see if it runs. Then re-add your modifications until you found the one that caused the crash.
  • How much memory is assigned to Tekkit? One to two Gigabyte are recommended, three maybe if you are using fancy stuff. Less than 1GiB will usually result in out-of-memory errors and more than 3GiB can be overkill and have strange effects as well. Running 64bit-Java is recommended, but it should run on the 32bit-version as well (which you have to use on a 32bit OS / a very old CPU that does not do 64bit). 32bit-Java does have a hard upper limit at 2-3 GiB RAM, depending on operating system environment.
  • If all else fails you, our issue tracker awaits. Be sure to use the template to increase your chances that a tired, overworked developer is willing to read your dribble complaint.


II. Loading my local world makes the game crash/quit to desktop!

Bad news. Your world is most likely corrupted and has become unloadable. This happens regularly when the game is not quit properly, e.g. when the computer lost power or otherwise crashed. Make frequent backups if you play on your own local (=singleplayer or non-internet multiplayer) world, so you can restore a working version if this happens.

Alternatively, you can open the world in an editor like MCEdit and remove the blocks (or whole mods) that are preventing world loading. How to find those? Maybe the crash log can help. The most common culprit is Dimensional Doors, so removing surplus dimensions might help. There is no definite go-to answer, though.


IIa. My local world does not show up in the list any more!

See II.

It may be beyond repair at this point. Make those backups, or play on somebody's server, where that somebody has to worry about backups. I hear that Mojang's Minecraft Realms are intended to offer those services for a small fee, so you might want to look into that if you don't want to worry about this stuff yourself.


III. My game stutters every few seconds / stops loading with messages about missing/locked files

Some anti-virus or anti-malware tools are overzealous and take Tekkit files hostage - so Tekkit cannot access them on load, or has to constantly share them with the anti-virus software. Check this by temporarily disabling the anti-virus software and then running Tekkit. If this helps, try to teach the software that Tekkit should not be checked (create an exception). Or switch to a less obnoxious anti-virus software. I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows users.



IV. I cannot log in! / I get messages like "bad login" when trying to start the game!

This affects all Minecraft versions and mods and is a sign that the Mojang login servers are not reachable right now, although you are generally online. You can check Mojang server status with their support service or this 3rd-party site.

You can still play offline until Mojang gets it sorted out.

It can also happen if you accidentally start the game twice. Try closing all instances of the game, then open just one.


V. I cannot join a certain server!

You need to run the exact same modpack version as the server to join. If the server owner added mods of his own, he needs to supply the modifications also to clients (apart from purely server-side mods), or they will not be able to join. If the server is behind a NAT and firewall, the server owner needs to forward port 25565 and create an exception for that port. This should always apply when playing over the internet and the server is hosted on a home connection.

In case the server is running with a whitelist of allowed player names, your ingame name needs to be on that list. If it's not, maybe they don't want you there. Names on the operator list (ops.txt) are automatically whitelisted, even if they don't appear in white-list.txt.


VI. .

<reserved for future use>






Part 2: Tekkit does not do my bidding - ingame issues


001 Where are my Macerators/UU-Matter/EU-producers/etc.?

You are looking for IndustrialCraft. Which is gone and will not return to Tekkit. It failed to move with Minecraft development, and was eventually too outdated to drag around. It has been replaced by other mods that do its job just as good or better. Namely the excellent Thermal Expansion, and two (!) nuclear power mods for the price of one (i.e. for free).

Still pining for the fjords? I think FeedTheBeast has a flavour that still runs on a somewhat (belatedly) updated IC. But be warned, it is not the same mod it has been.


002 Where are my Divining Rods/Condensers/Red Matter/EMC super items?

You are looking for Equivalent Exchange 2. Which has been abandoned and cannot be revived because its creator/owner is not releasing it for modification. A friendly coder named Pahimar has taken upon himself the non-trivial task of recreating EE from scratch, and we do have the (rather) current EE3 in Tekkit. Look >here for a primer. But don't get your hopes too high, it has been radically downsized.

Do note that while there is Dark Matter in Tekkit right now, it comes from Atomic Science, not EE. It can be created in Particle Accelerators, which are complex, expensive and rather end-game stuff.

And if you really, really, must have EE2, it still works inside Tekkit Classic, which is an entirely different modpack that is also not upgraded any more and continues to run on Minecraft 1.2.5.


003 My Sterling/Combustion Engine won't power machines, and where is my fu**ing Redstone Engine?

Redstone Engines are gone, as they were never meant to provide real power, only to operate pipes and such things, and there are better ways for that now. The other MJ-producing machines from Buildcraft are largely obsolete since we switched over to Thermal Expansion 3, which started its own power system: Redstone Flux (RF). Any machine with Dynamo in its name is an RF generator, as are both flavours of nuclear reactor. Store and buffer RF with Leadstone/Hardened/Redstone/Resonant Energy Cells, and pipe it with Leadstone/Hardened/Redstone Conduits. The Conduits have the useful ability to output both RF and MJ as needed, so all your MJ machines can still run fine even on an RF power grid. There is a non-block type of battery called a Flux Capacitor, which is mostly meant to power up high-level personal gear, but can also be used in some machines. However, for true "mobile power", try picking up the block-type Energy Cells by shift-right-clicking them with a wrench - they can be transported when full.


004 My Dynamo won't power up

Try Magmatic Dynamos if you need simplicity, as they run on lava alone. All other types are two-component: Steam Dynamos burn all solid fuels that a furnace would accept and Compression Dynamos burn assorted liquid fuels (oil/fuel/biofuel). Both need water to operate, which can be applied by right-clicking with a bucket, and later with Fluiducts and Aqueous Accumulators. Reactant Dynamos are a little quirky, as they accept a few advanced agents instead of water. Most people don't bother with them, but feel free to experiment.


005 I can't break dirt blocks with my hand, only with a shovel

Your world is set to Adventure mode (gamemode 2), when you probably want Survival mode (gamemode 0). In Adventure mode, not being able to break dirt blocks by hand is one of the features. Try changing game modes.


006 .

<reserved for future use>



xxx My hovercraft is full of eels!

Your dictionary is trolling you.



Everybody, feel free to add things and to correct me where I erred. Keep the focus on "not working" topics to keep the list short, be it either "game not working" or "stuff in game not working".

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That rather sounds like an issue for the tracker, crusader. Part 1 is for game starting issues, Part 2 for common ingame issues. Both are meant to be about Frequently Asked Questions, hence "FAQ". What you are reporting is not common, so go ahead and post it on the tracker if the issue persists. You might want to try resetting the modpack first. I had several strange issues that seemingly resulted from Java quirks, which were gone when I reset the modpack.

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*start fake faq entry* 

23b: My house is full of squids.


Solution is to move your house above the water line, or complete the ritual of ink gathering and rejoice.

*end fake entry*




Part 2:  section 003:


There are battery like devices in Thermal Expansion called Flux Capacitors.  They are basically just smaller versions of the energy cells.  They can be treated just like a battery(item) from any other mod.  There is no real benefit to using them other then lower cost and being able to have a powered machine take up only a 1x1x1 block area.  They are weaker then their energy cell equivalent.  and can only be charged in an energetic infuser.

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Can Flux Capacitors actually be used in machines? I had assumed they were mostly meant to power Redstone Arsenal and Power Armor gear when placed on the hotbar. I guess they do belong in that section then.


The eels line is a Monty Python classic, I linked to it at the end of the first post. There is one other Monty Python line in the text - can you spot it?


I figured that especially with something that dry and technical, infusing it with a little fun is appropriate.

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Having had a few BSOD while running a server I found out that the most frequent thing that will prevent my world from loading is dimensional doors. Deleting the Dimensional Doors folder in the world folder caused my world to be loaded again 99% of the time. This is of course anecdotal experience, but since you mentioned it already I figured I add it for those willing to give it a try! ( faulthy HDD caused the BSODs, fixed now :D )

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yep, flux capacitors can be used to run machinery.  They work just like energy cells in that way.  but they store about 1/5 as much power and can't be charged as easily.  Although, the tuberius capacitor does have the benefit of baking the potato after it is drained.

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Alright, there are people out there who find it difficult to locate crash logs, or to submit them. So without further ado, here is a short guide how to do it:



1. Click the little cogwheel icon below the pack that crashed on you. In the example, it is Tekkit (main).




2. In the menu that opens now, choose "Open Folder"




3. A file browser should open (Explorer on Windows 7 in the example). Navigate to the directory "crash-reports"



4. There should be a plaintext log for each crash that occured since installation. If unsure which is the right one, look at the date/time stamp. The one you want will probably be the newest. The logs with "-server" appended are from singleplayer mode, and occur when the singleplayer internal server crashed.




5. Open the log in a text editor (Notepad on Windows 7 in the example), select the complete text and copy it to clipboard with Ctrl+C.




6. Go to a text-dump site like Pastebin and simply Ctrl+V drop the whole log into the box. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page and solve the ensuing Captcha.




7. The log will be uploaded instantly (or quickly, if your connection is slow), and you can simply copy the URL from the following page. This will always point to your log from now on.




8. Use this URL in your issue ticket on the tracker.


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Can you help with 403 Error? I cannot connect to any server on my laptop, but I can on my desktop. Laptop tells me 


403 Error: session.minecraft.net/game/joinserver.jsp?user=StephaniLiane&sessionId=token%3A350e70cbd52c4849a4c2508f4b1876e5%3A8725fc4d993a4bbf9fe5b31339b8c136&serverId=5985cd40ec55884af4510f5edceddb36a1a2ec81


I've disabled all firewall and anti-malware/virus programs. I have added tekkit launcher to my DEP exceptions. I've done everything I can possibly think of. I have ran my scanners and I see now virus/malware. I need some help pleaaaaasseeeee

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StephaniLiane - It's generally better to only post issues in one location (if they are unaware of what has been attempted already, most ppl will suggest the exact same thing I have already and thats just a waste of time)


For those who are seeing these two posts, the one I'm responding to is @ '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

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