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how do i make a modpack for 1.2.5?

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 I want to make a modpack for 1.2.5 I understand how to do it for 1.6.4+. All I really want to do is play tekkit classic with the newer version of nuclear control. I have it running on my desktop by just downloading the 3.1.3 server and swapping out the bugged version and same for the launchers client. But there small group of us (6-ish) and trying to walk them through %appdata% and things would be a pain. is there a pack all ready made or how do I roll togther a 1.2.5 pack (I know I need the right forge version)? Can anyone give step by step directions or point me to a pre-made pack?

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 Still no luck. I tried just zipping the contents of my tekkitmain folder under %appdata%/technic uploaded it to my drop box it crahes, I tried only doing the bin, coremods, mods, configs from it and crash, I tried using the coremod, config, mods, and then making a new blank bin folder I downloaded the client version of forge and renaming the zip to modpack.jar and puttin only it inside the bin file, crash. I guess I need step by step directions because I'm missing something. I have the server and the client running fine I just want to get a pack together with the newer nuclear control in it so my wife and friends can just download the pack to play on our small server.

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Tekkit Main =/= Tekkit Classic. Which version are you trying to start with? If the former then Forge/MC 1.6+ does not use a coremods folder in any way. Your modpack should only contain these folders: bin, config, coremods (if Forge/MC <= 1.5.x), and mods. If you have something like Chocolate Quest or Flan's installed you would also need to include those top level folders. The bin folder should ONLY contain modpack.jar which is simply the correct Forge universal jar renamed to "modpack.jar.

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I gave up on 3.1.3 and went to 3.1.2 version of tekkit. Now though when I ever START AN OLDER VERSION ON MINECRAFT (PRIOR TO 1.6) I can no longer connect to servers online. localhost work fine but no online even if I unplug router and go direct.

Ok all fixed I went with version 3.1.2 due to the fact there are MANY errors in 3.1.3 but fun fact minecraft versions 1.3 and OLDER are very picky about ip adress and port. So after entering the ip number WITH port everything works!!

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      hi see i recently made a modpack and everytime i start is is says installing assets, does that, then just doesnt start, no minecraft nothing, please help, i already made the 0 of the dropbox into a 1 and stuff like that
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