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Big Reactors turbines question


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Good Afternoon!

So I'm running into a problem with a set of turbines I've built from the Big Reactors mod, on a server running tekkit 1.2.9e. I've built 8 of them in a 9x9x14 configuration suggested by the mindcrafters. The optimal flow is set at 2000 mB/t, and my steam output reactor is supplying the necessary steam to power all of them, 16 B/tick. I'm supplying them with steam and draining them of water with tesseracts placed directly on the input/output blocks, so no transfer limits. I placed the 8 reactors in an upright configuration, and have them stacked with the tesseracts sandwiched between them, creating 4 pillars of 2 turbines each. The problem that I'm getting is that half of them seem to be stuck at 1511.7 RPM, instead of the full speed of the other four, 1796.8. But only on the 4 at the bottom of the pillars - the top 4 are at full RPMs. I have tried moving the tesseracts to different locations on the turbines and even disassembling and reassembling the turbines, but the result is the same. Does anyone know what might be causing this?


Screenshots of the setup:





The exposed tesseracts:


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Are you sure your reactor is outputting a constant 16000 mB/t? This behaviour points to lack of Steam, literally. Somebody said that the 20% flat Tesseract loss only applied to power transfers, but maybe they also lose some of the liquids. Increase Steam output to a higher value than 16 B/t, if possible, and see if that spins them higher. Also check if water and Steam are actually in equilibirum on the reactor gauges. In a perfect setup, both should be equally high.

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Thanks for the reply, Curunir.

I just tested the reactor itself, and tuned it so that it burns just hot enough to produce around 16.5 B/t, which also balanced my water/steam within the reactor, as you mentioned.


According the the TE3 wiki, tesseracts no longer suffer the loss to transfer, so I'm assuming the transfer rates are complete.


I have already tested the setup by deactivating all of the reactors, waiting til they spin down fully, then spun them up/spun them down individually to see if anything changed. Sad to say that it did not. Even with the steam reactor fully powered, the four bottom turbines still only spun up to the afore-mentioned speed.

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You could simply use separate Reactor Fluid Ports and Tesseract channels for each Turbine, or pair of Turbines. The best way to control stuff is of course custom-building one small 2000 mB/t reactor for each Turbine, or 4000 mB/t for each pair. I think the Tesseract distribution is not completely even and struggles with this setup, even when there is no loss incurred.

I had the same skewed rates on my pair of slightly smaller Turbines. Interestingly, the skew would flip each time the server rebooted, so the underpowered ones would be the overpowered ones after a reboot, and vice versa.

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