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Custom mod pack client crash

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Okay so were too start?
I have my own custom modpack running off my own custom server.
I am the Owner of a very popular Attack of the B-Team server "DrewKraft". We are currently Beta testing our own mod-pack under white list. I expect crashes and issues, as so we can fix the issues before we post the server to the public in a few months.
Here is the meat and potatoes. We are running our 1.6.4 mod-pack on the MCPC+ build. We have unlimited bandwidth and RAM with an E-5 Exeon CPU. From what I was told, a Moderator of mine right clicked a dragon egg from the dragon mounts mod and It crashed the server. When I restart we are all hanging in mid air with a crash followed about 30 sec later. I'm not sure exactly sure of the issue as I removed dragons mounts with out any resolve. I'm pretty dang sure we have some form of corrupted chunk or entity error.A fix would be grand.
Here is my Crash report with all the info including a server log from launch to crash.
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