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Can't Start up Attack of teh B-Team


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(Alright, keep in mind i'm a computer noob while reading this)


Hello people that read this,

I'm having troubles with the Attack of the B-team mod pack.  I've been having this problem for a while.  I launch the pack from the technic launcher, and during my long wait watching the 'MOJANG' title on the minecraft launcher it crashes, bringing me back to the Technic launcher.  In the console I quickly noted that there were 'Severe' errors with Forgecraft and many other warnings with Forge and coFH.  There may have been other warnings, but I didn't catch them. 


So then I proceeded to be stupid and delete the technic launcher pack thinking I would just re-download it without any problems.


Well I was wrong.  I can't even connect to the technic launcher website, as it just gives me a '503' error (Service Unavailable).  Other packs I also try to directly go to, including the Attack of the B-team, gives me the same message.  I'm also confused due to the fact that my brother, on the same internet connection can access the website without an issue.


So please any halp?


D4 is down




-Stango jr


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My case is pretty much the exact same as the second example on the Rules for posting, however this happened to me every single time, since about 3 weeks ago.  Also I cannot provide any screenshots of the log, or the launcher because I deleted the launcher, and cannot acces the site, like i previosuly mentioned.


Thanks again.


-Stango jr

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