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Server crash report Voltz 3.1.1


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In order to use Cauldron with Voltz 3.1.1 you MUST update to the latest version of MobiusCore and you MUST use this version of Opis: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4vlbe4zpkk6x50q/Opis_1.2.2b_test1.zip


I realize that this will make your server mismatched with the 3.1.1 Voltz client. Your only options are to make your own custom modpack, cloning the Voltz pack and upding MobiusCore/Opis or to remove MobiusCore & Opis completely from the server.


Edit: Just spoke to Skuli and it is my understanding that an updated 3.1.1a version will be available today which fixes the Cauldron compatibility.

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if I try to update the client version of Opis and MobiusCore in the voltz folder (C:UsersuserAppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksvoltzmods) will it be overwritten by voltz when I try to launch though technic? Also as for waiting for 3.1.1a It may not be good in some  situations but I have never been the most patient person. But the answer you have given is working plowmanplow so I am going to continue working on it. 


I am really not sure if anyone else has had these problems but these are the links I uses fyi. Mobius: http://addons.cursecdn.com/files/2205/274/MobiusCore_1.2.2_1.6.4.jar

Opis: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4vlbe4zpkk6x50q/Opis_1.2.2b_test1.zip


I then placed them into my server/mods folder and proceded to remove the older versions.

I also did the same in my client version of voltz located in: C:Users*USER*AppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksvoltzmods


Thanks to plowmanplow (Again) for checking my Opis link XD

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