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HOW do you mod?


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I'm using a tutorial which requires me to have Eclipse. Now, when I go to the downloads page of their website, I'm presented with a whole menagerie of download options and I don't know which to pick. If some one could tell me the type of Eclipse I need for modding, that would be great.

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explain to me as if im an idoit

You're in the wrong section. Modding central is where we discuss how to make a mod.


Platform Pagoda is where we discuss how to modpack.

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There is no excuse. You can literally search a word on google to see if it's right.

So much this! Also, most browsers have built-in spell checks, so failing to spell properly is just the result of laziness (BTW I wrote that out as lazyness the first time around). Since english is a foreign language to me I lack vocabulary and my grammar isn't the best (though I got the best grade in my english finals test :P) but on a PC? A trained monkey could spell correctly on a PC...

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hi i had the same problem i have a template i made i ll give https://www.dropbox.com/s/m0u8bck1mesllbo/ModPackTECHNICTemplate.zip?dl=0r 

 i made by downloading my pack and deleting all the mods configs and coremods the forge is there

but u can replace it and stuff The txt file will help u guy thanks :kiddo:

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