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1.0.13c Small private community[pranks allowed][10 slots][24/7]

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Sorry server is full


I welcome everyone who want a small private server to play on regularly

If you know how to handle a prank and you live in and around the EU then this is your server


This server is hosted in the Netherlands and will be back-upped daily and is 24/7


This will be a small community of around 10, We may add more if needed.


The idea of this server is based on the attack of the b team series on youtube (yes the original). I know a lot of people liked it and wanted something like that too (like me).


There are a few rules:


-Don't steal or destruct other peoples property, we handle a zero-tolerance policy (people know well what you can do and what not)


-NO PvP unless both parties agree


-You can prank, but if someone else tells you to stop, STOP!


-Know how to handle a prank, both the prank-doer and the prank-receiver. Don't go over the line, so the above doesn't need to happen


-Have fun!



Please let me know why you want to join and why i should let you join our (teamspeak/minecraft)server

You know how to do this, the regular drill: IGN, AGE, why you won't grief, andsoon...


If you have problem/glitches on the server, please contact me

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Why I don't grief: the honest truth is I've been playing minecraft for over 2 years and I've never liked grieving

Reason: I would like to join becuase I've recently gotten into mods and I've only been playing single player but that gets a bit boring and I would like a fun chill minecraft environment.thanks

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IGN: KirioNovus

Age: 14

Why do i want to join: I really enjoy Attack Of The B-team and have been looking for a legit server for a long time.

Its hard to find a server with no lagg no bans(items) or anything like that.   The last server i played on stopped what made me really sad

I would Love to play on this server

what would u enjoy on this server: I would like to make a minigame that we can play with each other

If possible it would be nice if we had a shop place and currencies

favorite mod: I luv to make stuff thats fully automated-Minefactory reloaded& Thermal

Why i won't grief: because i know the feeling of haaving ur place u worked hard on being destroyed its just not nice.......

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IGN: TrueCarbonMC

Age: 16

Why i want to join: because i'm looking to find a nice server to settle on to play and meet some new people and make friends.

Why i won't grief: because people should keep what they got because they worked hard and deserve what they have!

Side note- i have been moderator before and i am very nice and useful as people have said before.

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IGN: mli7

Age: 25

Why I want to join: Im so tired of lousy servers with greifers and other unpolite people. I love to play Minecraft, and ofc the Attack of the b-team pack! Ive love to be a part of a mature, happy and helpful community. 

I wont steal bcs thats not in my nature, and I like to get stuff fixed for my self. Have no problem with the challenges to get everything. And Im to old for steeling och bad behavior xD


Hope to see you online! :)

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IGN: MacbookPro142


Age: 15


Why do I want to join: A friend and I would very much like to start a youtube series; we have tried multiple times but paying 20$ a month for 4 people is not really worth it. Meeting new people and showing off "yo skilz" is always pretty cool aswell.


what would you enjoy on this server: I like to build fun things for people to play around in, and help others out with mods they don't know a whole lot about.


favorite mod: Advanced genetics, Tinkers, Carpenters and Chisel


Why I Will Not Grief: Who's to say I won't? XD I won't grief, I hated leaving for a few minutes on the Devco server and my base was flooded with lava.

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I'm Waffle's friend ^

IGN: haywireMC


Age: 14


Why do I Want to Join: I would like to play on a public server


What Would You Enjoy on This Server: Building my evil hay bale empire!  


Favorite Mod: Carpenters and Thermal Expansion, planning on learning witchery


Why I Will Not Grief: Because I have experienced griefing before and I do not enjoy the frustration 

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IGN: deusswe

Age: 25

Why I want to join: mli7 and I have been searching for a good server for a while now and since she's in you're going to need me to stop her from hoarding all the resources :) Also I do build some of the wierdest stuff possible!

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I am 19 and have been looking for a decent B-team server for a while now. The ones i have been on end up lagging tremendously, have loads of banned items or an awful community. I just want to play on a fun server with few rules that doesn't suck with a community that i can hangout with. I wont grief because ive only ever played on servers with grief protection because ruining something that someone put a lot of time and effort into is just a dick thing to do. 

IGN: Cubic__Knight (two underscores)

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