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Add T.Construct And ThaumCraft!!

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  1. 1. Do You Think Having T.Construct And ThaumCraft In Tekkit Lite Would Be Awsome?

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Tekkit lite is frozen, no new changes or updates will be done to it because no one is bothering to write updates to MC1.4 mods.

The only reason it exists still is so many people refuse to let go and actually update to tekkit for MC1.5+.

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You will probably have better luck working with a 1.6.4+ modpack when trying to add mods. I maintain a pack I call JCLite which is mostly a spiritual successor to Tekkit Lite but for Forge/MC 1.6.4. Adding other mods to that pack would be fairly simple: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/jclite.349189


I'll even throw together a server pack for that if would like to have it.

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