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Hello, hello! If you are not aware of who I am on these forums already then let me introduce myself a bit.


I am an active Minecraft player and overall gamer that is uploading videos to YouTube (go figure). Most of my videos on YouTube are Minecraft related, but that is not the only thing I do. One thing I love doing is technical work and the like. Technical side of things, like computers, are my livelihood. It is what I strive to learn and understand and have been applying that information and desire to the Technic Tracker as well as the Platform Pagoda more recently where I try my best to offer custom modpack support alongside plowmanplow so he isn't the only one doing it.


With this said, I do not limit myself to only technical things in my videos and series, as I do enjoy building and storyline content, I try to bring both into my own unique style of building and purpose. Or to enjoy the games storyline, like it is in the case of my Watch DogsTM series, or to give myself a challenge in Minecraft like my Agrarian Skies series does.


Now that introduction is a bit out of the way, the reason I am posting this to begin with is to garner more views and potentially more subscribers. I am not trying to hide this fact. I could always use input on my videos on what I could improve on, what is found boring, entertaining, etc. I am by no means a master of everything and could always use help to build a community around my channel both on YouTube and Twitch to improve myself as a human being overall and to provide entertaining content for everyone to watch, even if they don't generally like to watch gaming videos.


If you have any idea on how to improve this thread, or wish to provide feedback here instead, please feel free to do so. I understand and will respect your opinion, even if I do not agree with it.


Find me on: YouTube - Twitter - Twitch - Steam


For active, completed, or other series, you may pick from the list below to go directly to its playlist, or visit my playlists page:

Minecraft LPs


Minecraft Maps

Other Games


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Well, I'm not exacly what you can call a "pro-YouTuber" but I can give you a few pointers about your videos.


First things first, I watched a bit of your Rogue Legacy video and your game sound overlaps your voice. You might want to check the volume settings and take a sample of the game music/sound + your voice tracks, and change them around until you think they are ok, before recording the episode.


Also, sometimes you simply stop talking at all, and that kinda creates a dead point in the video. During your videos, try to balance the game footage and content, and add more of yourself into it. Talk about things that have been happening lately, be it gaming, sports, stuff like that, or talk about personnel things you don't mind your viewers know. That way you create a stronger link of sorts between your viewers and yourself. A tip related to this: before you record, write a few notes down of the things you want to talk about in the video, so that you don't forget them.


Hope this helps you out, I'll give you more feedback as I view your other videos.

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I appreciate the feedback Nitus, I do wish to make note of the Watch Dogs series of mine. The audio quality is terrible, and I have since deleted the raw footage (it would have taken up about 600GB on its own in raw form and I needed to clear up space for other series) so I cannot do any audio editing to those. I recorded those videos prior to a change in my audio setup and the game audio sounds echoey (which it is considering how it was setup at the time)


I reviewed the audio quality over the rogue legacy game, and I understand your points on it. My goal with game audio was to be a bit softer than my voice volume. It appears I was a bit off on what the levels should be and I even notice that up to episode 5. Episode 4 of it seems to have it a bit more balanced, but Ep5 seems to have went the opposite way (not sure why that was since there was nothing changed between ep4 and ep5).


As for me not talking sometimes, I do hate having nothing but talky based videos. Sometimes it is enjoyable just to see the game itself with little commentary. There may be a few that prefer this type of style, but it is what I do. I play games for the game, not for myself to be dominating it. If I have a story to tell that follows suit with the game, I have no problem with that, however I do not want to tell a story that has no meaning with the game. I do not wish to tell a story of my own in Rogue Legacy for example, that has nothing to do with knights, mages, castles, etc as in my opinion it detracts from the point of the game.


I do agree that one needs to talk with ones audience, make a more personal connection with them, and it is one of my downsides. I am not one to talk about myself. I forget what episode of my minecraft lp it is, but i go over what my goals were for YouTube were overall. It is to better myself in a social aspect and meet new people, with the hopes of also making money off of it in the longer run.


Edit: I wish to add a bit more to this post. Until recently, my upload speeds would prevent me from uploading videos on a timely and predictable manner, one of the things I feel is a professional thing for YouTube to do, to have a schedule of some sort. My upload speeds were horrendous, and it would take me 7 to 8 hours to upload one video. This left me very little time to actually worry about getting the balances correct and the like and the quality suffered for it since I was worried about maintaining a video a day at the minimum. I have since obtained better internet speeds overall (7/5 from 1.5/0.8 down/up respectively) so I am able to focus a bit more on the pre-rendering phase. I do listen to my recordings before rendering but not everything is caught as I have plenty of things that distract me irl (housework, etc) that leaves me with forgetting where I left off with a video. I am not trying to make excuses for poor quality, but rather explain why some of the videos have poorer quality than others.

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