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Adventurous Technology


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Recently, my friends and I got into modded Minecraft. As of today, we've played quite a bit on our server, which started as Hexxit, moved over to Tekkit and now to Voltz. All along, there always were a few things that annoyed me or features i missed, so i decided to take matters into my own hands with the goal of creating a stable, somewhat-balanced modpack.


Basically, this modpack is a creative combination of Tekkit and Voltz. I removed a few mods that i thought to be too unbalanced or didn't fit the atmosphere i wanted to create (like Modular Powersuits), added a few that i wanted to play (Tinkers' Construct, Twilight Forest, ...) and tweaked the remaining ones to my liking (like unifying copper and tin ore generation). So if you like those two modpacks, you will like this one!


I have replaced vanilla terrain generation with ATG (Alternate Terrain Generation), combined with Biomes O' Plenty. This creates a vastly different but exciting world.


In short, this pack is all about technology in an adventurous world!


The mod list and server download can be found on the Technic Platform page.


Let me know what you think!


Note: As of version 1.0.5 I'm very satisfied with the mods and configuration, so don't expect any major changes until the 1.7 update.

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