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Creating a Mystcraft Age with Energized Glowstone


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I just got a short question: Has anyone had luck creating (intentionally) an age with an energized glowstone ocean?

It will probably be bloody laggy loading the first chunks due to the upflow. I successfully created oceans with cryotheum and ink. I haven't tried glowstone surface lakes yet, but that would be a lot of work to pump lots of it.


My Description Book:

Stone Block, Energized Glowstone Block, Flat World, Ocean Biome, Single Biome, Zenith Phase, Zero Length, Normal Sun, No Weather, Bright Lighting, ... natural colors ... , Caves, Caves, Caves, Ravines, Ravines, Dungeon, Dungeon, Dungeon, Star Fissure, Clear Modifier


If I replace Energized Glowstone with Ink or Cryotheum, it creates an Ink/Cryo Ocean.


Any hints?




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okay i had a few test runs with the Cave World:

It still wont use energized glowstone as main liquid block for the world gen. It does accept it for deep lakes for example. Since it is a Cave World you have access to them, but pumping the lakes one after another is not the efficiency i hoped for.

I tried it with Cave & Ocean Biome and Cave & Mushroom Island Shore Biome.

Have you got an Hint #2 ? :-) Cave World was good :)

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