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Voltz wont open


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So I tried posting this in the area that should be for everything but apparently if I don't put it here I wont get any help at all SO


the Voltz pack wont open unless I restart my computer. I don't want to have to restart my computer everytime I want to use the Voltz pack. Any ideas why it wont start up at all? All the other packs in the Tekkit thing WILL open, ive tried them so only Voltz is having the issue. Any ideas as to why it wont open?

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you didn't read the right post.



discussions about the Tekkit modpack belongs here. (Tekkit modpack  discussion section)


Issues with Technic modpacks belong in the Tracker.


Try and keep it short guys, much easier to read when your alpha manes aren't too fluffy and big


the kids in that thread were over their heads with spilling too much words, when they should have said this, or just stayed quiet.


I'll repeat myself again, if you wanna discuss about the modpack (which conductor do I plug into which machine?) you can ask here.


If you have an issue (modpack wont load, game crashes, everything froze) then post on the Tracker.

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im trying to play in the beta voltz 3.1.2 but when i try to run it it closes out of the launcher like it will work and then opens it back up. Ive tried reinstalling the pack, the launcher and tried to changed the settings on the launcher to be bale to run it but it won't run. i really want to play on it. can anyone help me?

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