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So I tried posting this in the area that should be for everything but apparently if I don't put it here I wont get any help at all SO


the Voltz pack wont open unless I restart my computer. I don't want to have to restart my computer everytime I want to use the Voltz pack. Any ideas why it wont start up at all? All the other packs in the Tekkit thing WILL open, ive tried them so only Voltz is having the issue. Any ideas as to why it wont open?

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you didn't read the right post.



discussions about the Tekkit modpack belongs here. (Tekkit modpack  discussion section)


Issues with Technic modpacks belong in the Tracker.


Try and keep it short guys, much easier to read when your alpha manes aren't too fluffy and big


the kids in that thread were over their heads with spilling too much words, when they should have said this, or just stayed quiet.


I'll repeat myself again, if you wanna discuss about the modpack (which conductor do I plug into which machine?) you can ask here.


If you have an issue (modpack wont load, game crashes, everything froze) then post on the Tracker.

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im trying to play in the beta voltz 3.1.2 but when i try to run it it closes out of the launcher like it will work and then opens it back up. Ive tried reinstalling the pack, the launcher and tried to changed the settings on the launcher to be bale to run it but it won't run. i really want to play on it. can anyone help me?

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There's a lot that doesn't work in that pack. Adding Lexmanos java legacy fixer might get it launching, but you'd be better off finding a Voltz-inspired custom pack that is maintained. 

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      Hi everyone,
      Despite my best efforts and reading several previous posts from this very form, my modpack keeps launching as if forge isn't installed. The mods and config folders and filled out and the modpack.jar is present in the bin folder upon install, but something just isn't happening. It seems like there must be something really obvious I'm missing...
      Here's a link to my modpack's zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m9pxkwagken6o02/muscraft.zip?dl=1
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      Hi, so I have a problem installing any modpack.. I tried reinstalling launcher, java, even tried a bunch of other java versions... I have a x64 system, here is a picture of my log
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      So I'm not really sure what even happened all I know is that I tired to run Tekxit 3 LE Official. When it didn't run a tested multiple other packs including Attack of the B-Team, Blightfall, Tekkit, ect. None have been able to even open. The launcher flickers then almost resets like it never was launching in the first place. I tried reinstalling the pack and launcher, even a complete check on my PC. Specs have nothing to do with it I have 12gb of RAM also nothing should be conflicting with the program. I'm honestly at a loss for words as this is nothing like I've ever seen. I've tried just about everything reinstalling Java was something I tested but to no avail. I tried researching my problems hoping someone had the same issues but I only find outdated sources and after updates I dont trust their solutions. It may also be well to inform everyone that the modpack did initially work but i tired downloading another modpack which was RLCraft but that didnt open and now im here(I now only have Tekxit installed and still wont run).
      Edit: Almost forgot crashes when "installing minecraft assets"
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      Modpack Link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/volts-community-modpack.1226798
      The Voltz Community Modpack is an unofficial update to the Voltz modpack on the Technic Launcher and is the first update to feature EVERY SINGLE ONE of the original core mods. Currently there is one official server run by VoidFlame Network but we are looking into getting more servers to run the modpack!
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      100+ Custom Recipes Every single dupe bug patched Never before seen ICBM + MFFS integration. Force fields fully protect your base from intruders unless your enemies can overwhelm your field with a barrage of missiles. Dozens of performance patches. We run ~2x faster than a normal modded server. BungeeCord setup: Raiding, Hardcore, Towny and Creative servers Factions, Economy, Player Shops, Crates, Mines and more! Sophisticated anti cheat system
      Modpack Highlights:
      Every single one of the original Voltz mods Consistently within the 50 most popular modpacks on Technic Completely custom MFFS and Atomic Science that was designed to simulate the experience of classic Voltz. Dozens of completely custom performance patches, crash fixes and game play improvements designed specifically for this modpack Loads of more contents like Extra Utilities, ExtraPlanet, Thermal Expansion, Open Blocks, Iron Chests and more!  
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      Come chat with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/rQZAKDk

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      So I believe Dropbox has made it so only those with Dropbox Pro+ can edit their download links (from the 0 to 1). 

      I'm currently looking for alternatives, but haven't gotten any that I've tested to work for me.

      So far I've tried Mediafire, Google Drive, and OneDrive. If any of these worked for you, please help me out by telling me as to how you managed to do so! If none of these worked for you and something else other then the listed did (that is free), please inform me. Thank you!

      Naturally this should be compatible with Technic, I'm not looking for a manual download o_O
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