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German Language Attack of the B-Team Tutorials


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Hello everybody,


yesterday I have started my own Youtube channel with tutorials for "Attack of the B-Team". The tutorials are in german language and are intended for the german native speakers here,  which have a hard time coping with english.

In the german language area its is lacking some tutorials to cover the various mods and I hope to close some of that gap with these tutorials.


So check out my Youtube Channel, or get in touch via Twitter.


See you around


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hehehehe. we will see. In any case, we can go through comprehension problems on skype ... i noticed that I have often a knot in my brain where I am already for steps ahead thinking, while I am talking about something different *LOL* that sometimes results in awkward commentary.

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After quite a long journey and 53 episodes this series concludes today. We have seen pretty much everything including moon and mars, and its time to move on to another project ... hope to see you there ;)

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