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Stained Glass mod


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This is Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes in all the colors of dye. It was requested by MephistosChan, coded by me, the basic Glass Furnace was textured by Morton00000 and the Upgraded Glass Furnace and the GUIs were textured by Lethosos.


This mod requires Forge.

Choose the appropriate download for your version of minecraft. All the downloads contain one .class file and one .zip file. The .class file goes in minecraft.jar(modpack.jar for technic/tekkit) and the .zip file goes in the mods folder as usual.


All the blocks are available in creative mode. To craft the Glass Furnace, it's the same pattern as a normal furnace but with a piece of glass in the center. To run, it must be next to a lava source block and you must have fed it a mob(hostile, passive, player, doesn't matter. Baby animals are worth the most). Once those two conditions are met, throw some glass and dye in the slots and watch the magic happen. Shift clicking works in the GUI too. The basic version can hold 100 animal soul units, and takes 10 seconds to run. To get the upgraded version, completely fill the soul buffer, put 5 lava source blocks next to it and feed it a baby animal. The upgraded version holds 200 soul units, gets a x2 multiplier when feeding and only takes 5 seconds to run. Glass panes are crafted the same way as normal glass panes, but with their respective colors of glass.


The config file should be located in the config folder. for 1.2.5, it should be named Glass.cfg, while in 1.3.2 it should be named mod_Glass.cfg. You can customize the used block IDs. In addition, the "Use Glass Furnace" setting will enable or disable the glass furnace and it's block ID. If it's disabled, you can craft Stained Glass with one glass and one dye in a crafting table.


Client: http://www.mediafire.com/?a414oya4e9sln1c

Server(NOT BUKKIT): http://www.mediafire.com/?uxar4w2o6zfl9bw

Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?jj4q22jx63jtj4w


Universal: http://www.mediafire.com/?3qb33ur3zp30boa

Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?1ignp7t85433u3c


Universal: http://www.mediafire.com/?ympqiz8ht5rk39t

Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?t51sy1s5m5t7waf


Universal: http://www.mediafire.com/?uruir052xkdzi9f

Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?wec53g8k8a1lbkd

Edit: New version! Now there are stained glass panes! Hooray! They're crafted the same way as normal glass panes, but with the respective colors of glass. Also, new installation instructions and base class edits. Boo. But it's only BlockPane.java, so hopefully no big deal. Also, thanks to jakj for the various pointers.

Edit2: Even newer! There's a machine to make glass now. Also support for the vanilla server. Also ripped off textures. I need to ask the art/texture pack forum for a favor.

Edit3: Added a system whereby if you put mobs on top of a furnace, it will grind them up to fuel itself. Baby animals or villagers provide 10 operations worth, adults provide 5 operation's worth, any other living entity(including the player) provides 1 op. It won't use this fuel if it has lava next to it. Also, nice new textures by Morton00000, and the furnace has particles.

Edit4: Initial bukkit build. My god, that was more voodoo coding than I've done in quite a while.

Edit 5: Picture time!

Edit 6: upgraded to 1.3.2. Added an upgraded version of the Glass Furnace to celebrate. The bukkit version isn't upgraded yet.

Edit 7: 1.4.5 is here. No changes. You know the drill. Also deleted the bukkit links.

Edit8: 1.4.6. Shift clicking machines is now taken care of in vanilla. Huzzah! Also, had to change the defaults for the ids to 2000, 2001 and 2002 instead of 200, 201 and 202. Your old conf files may not work, and any worlds will need a tool like mcedit or midas gold to convert them.





Furnace Off:


Furnace On:


Upgraded Furnace Off:


Upgraded Furnace On:


GUI Unpowered:


GUI Running:


Upgraded GUI Unpowered:


Upgraded GUI Running:


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I can't get your mod to work due to an ID conflict. Your mod does not create a config file before crashing, and I tried to manually create "mod_Glass.cfg" with contents "id=599" (yes, I have the fix installed), but it's still trying to use id 200.

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Switched over to the Forge advanced config from MLProps, as that was probably causing the problem. Config now lives in Glass.cfg.

Excellent. I'm going to try it after I get off from work (stupid double shifts...the end of the fiscal year sucks because I'm one of the few not out of hours, so I end up filling in for the others :P).

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I've always wanted to be able to dye clay, mainly white for victorian houses, but also other colours to make walls look painted. This might be something to concider adding. Also, dyed bricks. Not vividly changed in colour, still natural looking, just slightly shaded.

When I thought about making stained glass I thought it'd be best if sand is mixed with dye before smelting to make the glass. Same would apply to bricks. Just my two cents.

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Instead of suddenly asking gotyaoi (which by the way, I hope isn't a catenation of "got yaoi") to dye every block in the game, why don't each of you with ideas take a whack at texturing your favourite set? Just get a free program like GIMP, open the minecraft main texture file, copy and paste your pick to 15 other spots, and start playing with the HSL controls?

Since gotyaoi has written such a nice thing for us, we can adapt it without begging him for hours of work.

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I resent the implication that I'm begging for hours of work. Gotyaoi stated he had future plans and I added my suggestion on what he could add. Gotyaoi doesn't have to add them. I just wanted to state them for concideration.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok, finals are essentially over now, so I have a bit more time to give to modding again. I've basically decided against adding other colored blocks. Narrow focus, and all that, this mod is just about the stained glass. As to the crafting of this glass, I think I'm going to try to make a macro machine. Something along the lines of the railcraft coke oven or the terrafirma craft... anything, really. Those kinds of things seem really cool to me. Also going to add a switch for simple recipes, which will enable glass+dye, and that should wrap things up for this mod. Should get this done in the next week or two. I have plans for the future though.

*evil chuckle*

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It's a new block, not an extension of exusting glass, so no microblocks.

Technically, I did extend BlockGlass for my block, if only so I wouldn't have to rewrite some of the methods, but also so it was a subclass of glass. I honestly have no idea how redpower handles using the handsaw on blocks, so I'm not exactly sure if this would work or not.

I love the idea of macro machines too. 2 questions, will you be allowing colour glass panes or will this just apply to blocks? Also, if you do add panes, will different colours connect when you place them adjacent?

Panes are a bit more tricky, what with textures and bounding boxes, but I'm definitely going to give it a try.

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I am sadness and rage. Basically, stained glass panes are looking like a no go. This is due to the fact that one of the functions that renderBlocks expects to be a part of a class is final, so I can't override it to change it as I need to. What's more, I can't create a separate class and implement the method there because renderBlocks wants an object of type BlockPane, not whatever mine would be. *sigh*

Screw your invariants, this should be variant.

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Now to go about learning to write a custom renderer, as the default one produces a bunch of z-fighting.

I admire attention to detail, but don't burn yourself out: Even vanilla lighting in vanilla minecraft (with and without optifine) is screwy in places, so I don't want to see you ulcerate yourself trying to make one really neat and tidy desk in what otherwise is one of the messiest office complexes in Sweden.

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Thanks for the concern, but when I say z-fighting, it's really bad. The renderer puts the glass texture on both sides of the pane, and because the pane itself is infinitesimally thin, and because the texture is transparent, You can see the texture twice, where one of them is reversed and they're both z-fighting with each other and the transparency is additive, apparently.

On second thought, yeah, I think I'll give colored panes a rest. Gonna go make a cool machine instead.

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I just couldn't let the idea go. But, in persevering, I found the specific bit in renderBlocks that controlled the two textures for either side of a pane of glass! Now, because it doesn't matter for non-alpha pass rendering, notch or whoever just put the two textures in the same space, facing opposite directions. But with a slight 0.01D seperation, colored glass panes look brilliant. Now to figure out if it's possible to implement this for my blocks without having to modify renderBlocks, which unlike blockPane, I think a bunch of other mods want to touch.

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Wait, i know nothing about java, So, a glass pane is essentially a 2d object with two faces that just happen to have the same value, and a 3d hitbox?

Does that mean that you could make glass panes that were black on one side and red on the other? That would be amazing...

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