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Stained Glass mod


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This was quite helpful.

I had been making my own glass mod, and slowly made progress from knowing nothing. After finishing colored glass, I made my way through colored sand (Try making custom sand fall like normal sand!) and was quite stuck on colored glass panes.

You're source was indispensable! Specifically the method getIconFromDamage()... I didn't know that even existed and was already considering rewriting/modifying a renderer somewhere.

I only wish I had found this earlier. Would have saved me the work of writing one myself!


But, the different creation has lead to two different implementations. Notably, I have colored sand which you smelt, and the glass textures appear much closer to that of forestry's

That, and I didn't have to modify any base-mod classes when I was done :3


The difference in textures has lead me to tangle with the renderers for Panes a bit more especially with that colored edge that I have (I chuckled the moment I saw how you avoided it)


Overall, it's very boring and "Vanilla-Esque" but It's just the way I wanted it!

You did a great job, and you've helped me finish up where I had a couple of problems!

Thank You

I gave you a brief shout-out over at the Minecraft Forums

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