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[1.2.9e] -=|Machine-Networks Tekkit|=- [NO-LAG][24/7][NEW][PvE/PvP][Factions][GreifProvention][minimal banned items]

Ethan @ Machine-Networks

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Machine Networks Tekkit



Website: www.machine-networks.com

IP: Tekkit.Machinecraft.us

Teamspeak: Voice.Machine-Networks.com


About us.

The Machine Network is a large modded Minecraft and Steam gaming network with servers covering a large rage of games including CS:GO, TF2, Tekkit Classic, Tekkit main and Vanilla.

We run servers with professional grade staff. 


The Tekkit Main server is a 24/7, No-Lag server with both a PvP and PvE world. We have banned as little items as possible and are working on patching all banned items to create the ultimate tekkit experience. Galacticraft is fully enabled allowing you to explore the world and universe completely. We are in the process of adding in a lot more minigames like Quake and Survival Games. We are taking all suggestions on ways to improve the server. We are hosted on a top quality dedicated server thanks to BuyGamingServers.



  • All world anchors/loaders
  • All explosives in PvE world
  • MFFS confiscation module in PvE 
  • Mystcraft is donator only
  • Sacred Rubber Sapling


  • Quakecraft
  • Survival Games
  • Spleef
  • Bow Spleef
  • TTT 
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