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  1. http://cauldron.minecraftforge.net/wiki/primer-for-cauldron-and-forge/ If that's not enough then I suggest running a search on Youtube. Good luck.
  2. Tesseracts can directly send power to some machines (namely TE3) but since they output RF and not MJ/EU you will usually need to run a conduit from them to power a lot of non-TE blocks. Don't forget to set up energy cells if you want a buffer in case your power source shuts off for whatever reason.
  3. I haven't run into one yet but I haven't played around with MFFS or Galacticraft yet. I just said 'pretty much' in case there was one so I didn't get corrected
  4. They output RF (10 = 1 MJ), but if you use TE3's conduits they act as a converter and can interface with pretty much any machine in the pack.
  5. For early power generation use the Thermal Expansion dynamos and then move onto Big Reactors passive reactors, followed by turbines for the BR reactors if you want maximum efficiency. TE3 now has pretty much everything you need to get started in a world. For help on how to use various mods or machines I recommend either the Mindcrafters or direwolf20 on Youtube. As for what's in the pack itself, try the wiki. It should give you the mods used and their current versions along with a ton of helpful info.
  6. You need to report launcher issues in the launcher bug tracker thread, not here.
  7. The modded (colored) Ender chests/pouches/tanks are still there.
  8. Damn, I forgot about those. But they're so fugly
  9. With quantum bridges and sufficient power (you can see how much MJ they take by hooking one up and looking at your ME Controller and switching it to MJ mode) you can extend your ME network anywhere you like. Like efflandt said, you must keep them chunk loaded though otherwise that part of the network will become unavailable. If you're looking for videos on AE I highly recommend the Mindcrafters channel for pretty much anything to do with Minecraft modding.
  10. If you want ME access across distances then use a quantum singularity ring. You'll need to feed a ton of stuff into a condenser first to make the singularity (which you then split into a pair) and then construct the two quantum gates. This will allow you to have one network in as many locations as you like. Using ME wireless access points would mean running loads of cable depending on how far you wanted to go.
  11. I use a 12x12x12 passive with a 6x6 rod group in the middle and cryotheum coolant throughout. With all rods at 90% I generate just shy of 30K RF/t and burn up 0.2mB/t of fuel. It's set to activate only when the battery falls below 90% though so it's only active every few seconds. I have the drill's foci split between white and cyan (I need quartz for AE and cyan also gives yellorium) and I'm still getting more yellorium than I'm using. I could probably bump the rods to 70% or even 60% and still make enough yellorium to keep it running indefinitely. While a turbine would certainly look swee
  12. Enhanced Galgadorian is pretty expensive. Although looking at the blocks available I have to say Enderium blocks look the best to me. I don't think anything's more 'expensive' in Tekkit than a block of EG though so if that's your goal then that's where I'd start.
  13. Issues with the launcher should be reported in the appropriate thread here.
  14. MCPC has changed to Cauldron so try looking that up if you haven't already for a stable 1.6.4 build. Once you have that you rename the .jar file to whatever name you have your launch.bat (or launch.sh) pointed to (Tekkit.jar by default). I rename the original Tekkit.jar to Tekkit.old.jar for backup purposes. I hope this helps. I had a hell of a time getting stuff to work on mine for some reason.
  15. You can not seem to access the TE duct interface unless you are clicking with an empty hand. I had much heartburn until I figured that out lol.
  16. I believe there's also a block placer and block breaker in the mod somewhere (MFR if memory serves). Just run an NEI search for them and you'll find them eventually. Then it's a simple matter of feeding said ores to the placer and watching the breaker do its thing. You should be able to then place an obsidian pipe next to the breaker and have it suck up the ores into your preferred inventory storage method. Edit: I can not seem to find the placer. I could have swore I saw it last week.
  17. Please report all launcher in the launcher issue tracker thread.
  18. If you already know the answer then asking the question just makes you a troll. Good to know.
  19. Build an AE MAC complex that can construct whatever you desire without any manual inputs from you. Enjoy your interfacing
  20. It'll be done when it's done if they decide to do it. As for whether or not they are I suggest you continue monitoring their Patreon and main site.
  21. Quarries won't dig through lava so you'll want some water flowing in there to turn it into cobble/obsidian. Otherwise you end up with neat geometric towers with lava on top of them
  22. Or if you're making maximum size quarries you can just use F9 and toggle the chunk grid so you can count out the 4x4 area you want. Just slap down landmarks in the chunk corners and you're good to go. This will result in only 17 chunks being kept loaded (16 for the quarry pit and 1 for the machine itself).
  23. Bear in mind that the wiki currently available is slightly out of date although most of the material is current. I tend to rely more on a mod author's actual site for information if it's any help.
  24. Buildcraft engines and machines are still present in Tekkit. Redstone engines are still useful for some applications like powering pumps or BC pipes if you prefer those over TE's ducts. Even without mystcraft I never had a problem getting enough diamonds with just quarries. With mystcraft it's just child's play lol. EE3 lets you make them still using a minium stone and 4 gold ingots so there's an alternative for you as well I guess. As for wiring energy, you can still use BC pipes to wire energy (for some stuff anyway) but the more efficient method by far are conduits from TE3. They ha
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