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  1. Treecapitator adjusts how long it takes to cut down a tree based on its size. When you finally do break the wood block with your axe the entire tree will come down with it.
  2. Looking at that picture you could try a few things to bring it down as a passively cooled reactor if that was your preference. Core temperature is a balance between the number of rods and coolant blocks and of course what percentage they're operating at. I currently have a 12x12x12 reactor with 360 (36x 10M rods) rods in it and at 90% it's hovering right at 900C. The remaining 640 internal blocks are all cryotheum, giving me a rod:coolant ratio of around 1.78:1. In your picture it looks like you have 36 columns with nothing at all in them coolant-wise, which is definitely contributing to your
  3. I'm sure I could do all manner of things with CC, but that means programming (no matter how basic) and I have a severe allergy to such things
  4. Even if he is out of the game, good on him. I've felt that pull before and seen others with more life than myself wither due to its addictive nature. Hopefully he stays on in some capacity if he isn't already but if not I'm sure the rest of the team will manage just fine.
  5. Yeah I was kind of surprised you couldn't alter them by 5% increments at least. I'd also love it if you could set all rods simultaneously if you prefer. Setting 400 rods to 90% manually was probably the biggest chore of my creative reactor lol.
  6. Invest in heat sinks, preferably two. I have a total weight of about 9.5kg between the two (I use them to round off my weight to 25kg). I also recommend installing the cooling system and the emergency cooling system (the one with the internal water tank). Even at the minimum of 200 buckets it's enough to save your bacon if you get overzealous with a railgun.
  7. I think in general you just want the rods squashed together no matter the dimensions. After that I think it's a matter of coolant:rod ratios and what percentage you set each rod to. Having played around in creative with four different ways to configure 36 10m rods in a 12x12x12 reactor the only real difference is fertility rate among them. My 12x12x12 has the best fertility and overall efficiency with all 36 rods smashed into one big structure. The difference is small but noticeable in fuel consumption (0.20mB/t vs. 0.26mB/t or higher). Actually, I think I got better consumption:power values w
  8. Galacticraft has them I believe but they're supposedly incompatible with RF/MJ wiring.
  9. Does the minium stone affect placed blocks anymore? It might transform obsidian into something as well.
  10. You don't need to build in the nether, just have a pump there connected to a liquid tesseract/phase pipe. You could then use aqueous accumulators to produce your water for you and voila, a no power required solution for near infinite obsidian (extruders don't use power, only lava and water). The only thing you'd have to power would be the pump itself which you can do with 4 redstone engines.
  11. 400 rods in 8 groups of 5x5 with 2m of coolant between them and the outer wall. Even at 90% I still topped 2100C. Of course I was also producing 691K RF/t so there's that
  12. Why not just use an Igneous Extruder combined with a pump in the Nether? That'll make pretty much all the obsidian you could ever want.
  13. While my server host gets its issues sorted out I decided to build a 32x32x32 yellorite reactor in creative for kicks. Building the box and rods was simple enough with a BC filler but now I need to put cryotheum in. While I can put the source block in the filler it doesn't really work as it just tries to fill in the first space at the top corner over and over again and wastes stacks to do it. Is there a better way to fill in the reactor with cryotheum other than hand placing buckets? Edit: I really should remember to use my brain before posting. Flood gate does the trick nicely.
  14. I was actually referring more to efficiency of design, not operation per se. I apologize for the misunderstanding. At any rate I have found an optimal (for now) design in a 12x12x12 with 9 2x2 groups spaced 1m apart from each other and the reactor walls. When they're set to 90% (~900C) they produce right around 31K which is more than enough to power my drill and the rest of my base. With ~0.2mB/t fuel use and 500% fertility it looks pretty solid. Any other suggestions or tips though would be appreciated.
  15. Why do I need to keep it below 1000C? Wouldn't that just cut my power production down to nothing? My current reactor is set up to only switch on when the internal battery is below 50% so it basically pulses itself every so often depending on power use. The goal is to have enough production capacity to maintain a full laser drill set without having my batteries drained in 10 minutes.
  16. Alchemical chests/bags are a part of EE3, which is in Tekkit as of 1.2.9e. Atomice science and Big Reactors have their own versions of nuclear reactors (which were an expansion for IC2). Windmills I think were part of RedPower which has been replaced largely by Thermal Expansion 3 like IC2. MFE's and UU matter were IC2 and again largely replaced by TE3 and Modular Power Suits respectively. While I do miss my laser drills, HV solar arrays and high speed processing machines, I've easily adapted to this pack over Tekkit Lite. Having never played Tekkit Classic I can't speak for it but I think
  17. Given that information, I'm thinking of doing an 8x8x10 solid rod group, with a surrounding 1m layer of cryotheum. I did a test reactor in creative with 3 8x2x10 banks with 1m in between in a 12x12x12 reactor. I was able to get just over 500% fertility with it so if I add two more strips of 8x1x10 rods in between those banks I should be able to push the percentage even higher.
  18. Ordinarily I would just dive right into making turbines and such but for the moment I'd rather focus on getting the most bang for my buck out of a passive reactor. Some lurking on my part has not yielded any personally useful information though so here I am. I'm working with a rather limited space (14x14x14) and wanted to get impressions on potential dimensions and the number of rods to use. I'm using gelid cryotheum in my current 7x7x7 (5x 5m rods in an X) and getting around 12K RF/t. This is fine for normal power needs but I wanted to try and build a passive that could support a full las
  19. I'm looking into setting up with a host and wanted to know if anyone had suggestions on the amount of RAM I might need for a 1.2.9e server with maybe 10 people tops and no other major plugins. My last box had 4GB and that seemed like overkill to me but then again I wasn't paying for it at the time
  20. I would just go through periodically and delete dimensions I knew were DD as once in a while me and one of my guys would do the same thing and just wander through doors for an hour for giggles. I kept a list of stuff that I knew was important and just pruned around it every so often. Honestly my biggest concern with that mod is placing too many doors (because stairs are ugly ) in a space caused our server such severe lag that I had to scrap the whole dimension and start over.
  21. I can't remember if reactors are one of those blocks that need two pieces of conduit (1 each input/output face) or just the one for output. I would try both and see what that gets you. You only need about 50ish MJ from the cell so keep your output around that level.
  22. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/atomic-science-fuel-life-config.51474/page-6#post-436349 That links to the post where I was testing steam:power values if it helps at all Mij.
  23. I ended up removing most of DimDoors due to frequent server lag in areas with more than one door. I pretty much rendered one of my quarry worlds unplayable with them at one point
  24. If you're trying to feed the veterinary station you need an export and import bus attached to it. Have the export set to move single item/craft and set the growth syringe as the item and then have the import bus pull empty syringes in stack mode. Then the MAC will just make the growth syringe on demand so long as you have the necessary patterns for it. The station can only hold 9 syringes at a time and it only uses them on babies so it shouldn't burn through that many of them.
  25. Why not just an MAC for the growth syringes? Not that there's anything wrong with PRC networks and the like but it seems needlessly complicated.
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