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  1. I highly suggest reading the forum rules before posting any more as signing your posts is not allowed. It can actually hurt players even if PvP is disabled? It must be the AoE on it and not the plasma shot itself. It is a commonly removed module though, as is the blink drive. I've never heard of the leaf blower being a problem though. As for a fix, did you set them to disabled in config/machinemuse/powersuits.cfg as well as config/mmmPowersuits.cfg? if it doesn't work after that I'm out of ideas. One of those should be controlling the modules. After looking at them both they seem to be
  2. Enchanting power armor is pointless as you can achieve similar, if not superior, effects from the modules themselves.
  3. Actually you can craft portal frames with Mystcraft that you can place a book into and use. You can make them virtually any size too and their forum has some amazing pics if you care to look them up. I'm with Curunir on this one as I lost an entire quarry world to DDoors a while back as I thought I would be clever and use them to move between floors in a quarry base I was making. It totally ruined the dimension (super intense frame lag) and I had to scrap it. Mystcraft is a superior way to teleport around, no question. DDoors is good for two things in my opinion however. If you want a
  4. It's such a shame that the 'follow' ability was removed (well except by command). I suppose it was rather OP but that could have been fixed by using expensive materials for the ink. Will you be doing a chapter for portals as well later on? You can do some amazing stuff with those things
  5. If you want flight but don't want to invest in the MPS jetpack you can always craft regular jetpacks as well. You won't have chest protection but at least you can fly Otherwise you're best bet is a low tech MPS suit. Honestly the only expensive things on a good suit are the shields and jetpack, which require ion thrusters/force field emitters. Everything else you can make with iron, copper and some diamonds for the most part.
  6. Make sure and treat your auto-spawners the same as if you were using an actual spawner as far as placement goes. 9x9x4 is good for all mobs but spiders and ghasts (spiders need a 10x10x4 due to their width). Be wary of having too many Extra Cells liquid buses active at one time as they tend to cause significant frame lag (at least they do for me). Also, they don't disassemble with a wrench so you can't save their configurations and move them.
  7. I started doing AE recipes today for SC stuff and figured I'd post and see if anyone has any neat ideas or tasks they prefer to handle with this mod over TE/MFR.
  8. Interesting, I have yet to play with the spatial stuff in AE. I may have to give that a go. Thanks.
  9. It's a book with the silk touch enchantment,
  10. Assuming I managed to read that correctly, what tanks are you using? If you used the TE3 tanks, having them set to output mode (orange on the bottom) will make them dump their contents into any viable pipe/inventory regardless of redstone signal. If you managed to do this with an AE or BC tank then that's more interesting and should probably be reported in the tracker instead of here.
  11. Getting a line of dirt to the area would be...problematic to say the least. I've already tried bone meal with no success. I suppose I need to go dimensional dungeon diving and hope for an ST book.
  12. As transmutation doesn't seem to be working (or I'm an idiot) is there any other way to get grass blocks other than silk touch? I'm trying to put some down in my sheep pens in my base so they can be sheared for wool repeatedly.
  13. Good luck to you.
  14. I highly suggest you go read the rules before posting as you just broke one asking that question.
  15. Butterflies are gross and you should feel bad about what you said.
  16. Fluid void pipes work exactly the same as a regular void pipe or the fluid void block from Extra Cells. Stuff goes into it and never returns.
  17. This thread has nothing to do with custom mod packs so why did you post in here? Your question also has nothing to do with Tekkit and so should be discussed in the relevant forum instead of Tekkit discussion. If you deleted your stuff and had no backups anywhere no one can help you.
  18. Please post bugs and crashes in the appropriate modpack tracker thread and not in the discussion area.
  19. My advice would be to go with a Big Reactors power plant, either passively cooled (no turbines) or actively cooled (with turbines). It is far more consistent in its power production and not prone to so many issues that Atomic Science apparently still has. Outside of that, the videos available should still be viable as the basic building of the reactor hasn't changed.
  20. That...is fucking brilliant. I had no idea it was a fluid. I'd name my first born after you but I'd have to have kids first and let's be honest, redsector would be nothing but trouble for a kid in school. Thanks a ton! Edit: In response to your comment about conversion rates, it appears to be 2:1. For every 1 Fortron 'litre' or whatever they call it you get 2mB. My tesseract is connected on 4 sides by fluiducts and between them (480mB/t) they're almost dead even with my projector's demand of 9.6kL.
  21. It has a few uses but what I use it for is to store recipes that require machines in order to work (ie smelting bricks from clay requires a furnace). You make an encoded pattern saying X item(s) = Y item(s) and then place the pattern in the interface that's attached to the machine. Then when you order said item from the ME system, say bricks for example, it pops clay into a furnace and then the furnace will pop out the bricks to wherever you tell it.
  22. Yeah it handles power input just fine. It's how it uses it and displays it that makes me bang my head against a wall.
  23. I use separate transposers for each fluid (redstone, glowstone, resonant ender, water). I attach the standard ME interface to the back with the relevant recipes and then attach a fluid export pipe to the transposer to fill it from my ME system. I maintain another system of magma crucibles with fluid emitters to keep the ME system supplied with fluids. I find that a 64k fluid card can store right around 3k buckets of fluid for the 5 fluid types it can accept so that's what I set the emitters to.
  24. Can someone point me to a video for the version of MFFS we're using on 1.2.9e? Youtube isn't being helpful as all the versions use joules apparently and we use kL which makes exactly zero sense to me. The energy distribution mechanics of this mod are severely pissing me off and seem to make no mathematical sense at all.
  25. 1. The random portals you find out in the world that are door sized lead to what are known as dimensional dungeons, a part of the Dimensional Doors mod. They can consist of anything from a simple hallway to another dimensional dungeon to a beautifully designed room to an elaborate death trap filled with TNT, lava and myriad other unhealthy things. If you choose to explore them be prepared for anything when you walk through those doors, and I do mean anything. I wouldn't go near them without a power suit with full shielding and flight capability. 2. Always, always, always bring an activated
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