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  1. Step 1 - As stated above, just connect all your DSU's to storage buses and you have instant ME storage. I also have an ME drive for random items that I haven't made a DSU for. Step 2 - To handle incoming items from things like quarries or MFR machines put down a chest (I use an ender chest so I can stuff things into an ender pouch when I'm out and about) with an item tesseract next to it. Then simply attach that chest to the ME network with an import bus set to pull in stack mode. All items will be sucked into the network and sorted automatically to either your DSU's or whatever other stor
  2. Item routers do indeed exist in Tekkit Main. They are part of MFR, wiki entry here.
  3. I'm not in a position to do screenshots at the moment, but there's not much to tell really. It's a standard pair of 5x5 pens (double thick walls to prevent phasing), with adults being in one pen and babies moved to another via chronotyper. The adults are bred using a breeder and then the babies are injected with a growth syringe from a veterinary station and then killed with a grinder. My ME system feeds them all and tesseracts handle all outputs. If you really need to see an example I'll try and get around to it at some point.
  4. I think our forums are now the authority on Atomic Science heh.
  5. Yeah that farming method didn't work out for me in the end unfortunately. It seemed like it was working for a time. The current method I have is just a veterinary station in a baby pen that immediately grows them to adults, that way they don't bunch up and cause problems. I set the veterinary station with an import and export bus set to put growth syringes in and only take empty syringes out so it doesn't have to make more. A shame though, I really liked the conveyor belt idea too.
  6. I actually just prefer to keep a set amount of materials on hand so that my MAC doesn't have to wait for processing to be finished. In my case it's just a matter of replacing the interface with a second export bus and then adding level emitters to both buses set to go off when a material drops below a certain amount. Then have the buses set to activate on redstone and move single items and you're set.
  7. I wouldn't connect it to more than one side of the tesseract since I believe the EI can only use 400 MJ/t anyway, which is close to the maximum transfer limit for the tesseract. It sounds like you have an input bottleneck somewhere to me but honestly it's hard for me to tell without looking at it heh.
  8. I know I explained this earlier somewhere but I'll reiterate it now. I am running with some modified values in terms of TE and AS files. In TE, my tesseract output has been pushed to 10K with 0 loss. In AS, my turbine efficiency has been increased to 10 from 4.5. Now that that's out of the way, let's see if I can puzzle this out lol. ET's have an apparent limitation of 100 MJ/t per input face (ie where the power goes into it to be transferred). Whether or not the power loss is factored before or after transfer is beyond my knowledge as I'm lazy and have always played with 0 loss. The outpu
  9. Those screenshots look amazing. Me want, me want!
  10. I fixed that for you Whenever I read that question when I was doing dev work it was an automatic response. Someone should copyright it, they'd make a fortune. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go see if algorithm fixed that annoying problem I have with quantum bridges and dimdoors *scurries off* Oh, and thanks for the update CanVox.
  11. My advice would be to use Buildcraft pipes early on for power until you have a decent supply of obsidian (or make it) and then switch to redstone energy conduits. They are vastly superior. There's a ton of research on most of this stuff around here in about a dozen threads (I started a fair number of them to answer my own questions ) so check those out if you get confused. Otherwise just make a new thread or find one that's relevant and post in there. As long as you're on topic necro'ing isn't really a problem here.
  12. According to my testing (one full REC and one empty REC hooked up with 6 connections each, one all input and one all output) the conduits only draw energy if it has somewhere to go other than the conduit. In my experiment when I switched the faces of the full REC to output the conduit network did take some power, but then gave it right back to that same REC when I switched its faces back to input mode. While it does appear that the conduits can store some (I couldn't get a reliable number) residual energy if you suddenly yank the object receiving power, for the most part they are nothing more
  13. I love you. Deleting the Tekkit main folder did the trick.
  14. Ugh, I went to go test the redstone conduit thing being discussed and found I can no longer get into MC via the launcher. I have no idea where to put this so I'll put it here I guess. -- System Details -- Details: Minecraft Version: 1.5.2 Operating System: Windows 7 (amd64) version 6.1 Java Version: 1.7.0_45, Oracle Corporation Java VM Version: Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation Memory: 300848224 bytes (286 MB) / 875560960 bytes (835 MB) up to 2863661056 bytes (2731 MB) JVM Flags: 3 total; -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriv
  15. I believe conduits only contain power if there's power connected to them, although I haven't tested that. I was the one fiddling with the conduit rates and I was basing it off of using TE machines with set power consumption rates and then testing network saturation. So in answer to your question I'm pretty sure it's the output or transfer limit.
  16. I only used 6.5K emeralds to make that I think. What's sad is that the outer chamber only consumed about half of my supply heh. All hail the laser drill! The other ore blocks are ugly IMHO and I wanted something neat looking and uncommon.
  17. I use AE throughout so there's no need for pipes or Rednet stuff. The export buses just shift stacks of items to their respective machines and then stop once the emitters sense their items have risen above x amount. I'm not doing this specifically for crafting, but for storage as well. Since all common materials are kept in DSU's (misc. stuff are in an ME drive loaded with 64k cells) I have no fear of running out of room.
  18. Behold, my completed single flood type fusion reactor! It would be a lot cleaner inside if autarchic gates' single pulse would work like it should but *shrug* http://imgur.com/a/Swd1P
  19. I had two players who pretty much couldn't play on my server until I removed most of the DimDoors mod, which is unfortunate. My advice is to disable the item crafting except for iron dimensional doors (used for making pocket dimensions). I'm not sure what's up with the mod but a fair number of people simply don't get along with it at all. Another odd thing, power suit night vision renders you blind in any DimDoors dimension until it wears off :(
  20. I put my wither skeleton spawner in the nether so I didn't have to use exact copy. I caught an actual wither skeleton though so it might work better that way. It still occasionally spawns a standard skeleton but for the most part they're all wither skeletons.
  21. I never thought of it that way but I like my method better :)
  22. Actually I did away with interfaces as they were too slow for me. What I do instead is set up a series of machines and then attach export buses to them set to activate on redstone. Then I use level emitters set to activate when inventory of an item drops below x amount. Then the machine simply prepares said item and voila, constant stock with no need to wait. Well, unless I want a TON of something I suppose but I set my stock values pretty high depending on the item. Stone for example is set to cook more whenever I drop below 100K. Thermal Expansions machines are fantastic for this since t
  23. You, or them, need to run launch.bat as if you were starting a brand new server with Tekkit.jar being the .jar file being run (ie the only one in that folder). Once that's done and you have a fresh Tekkit server, shut it down. Then move your old world onto the new server and restart. You should be good to go, in theory at least. That's how I fixed my problem anyway.
  24. You need to run Tekkit.jar for that stuff to work I'm afraid. I had a similar problem when I first bought my hosted server as I FTP'd everything over. Make sure you still have your world folder on another hdd and then run launch.bat or ask the host to do it, depending on who you're with. After that you can load your old world and there shouldn't be any problems.
  25. What do you mean by updated? What version of which mod to what version of which mod? Tekkit Main v1.1.8 (latest stable version) still has them and as far as I know v1.1.9 only added the qCraft mod.
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