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  1. Is the pump powered? Is there a tank or tesseract linked to it via fluiducts to take the pumped fluid? I recommend attaching a void fluid pipe to it if you don't care about storing the liquids you're pumping. This is only true if the depth of the water is only 1M. Pumping will work just fine as I do it all the time in my overworld quarries with oil and water.
  2. Unfortunately you can't. The multimeter will only read conduits and ducts I believe.
  3. Yeah, that was a joke and referring to the weapon, not an opinion about power production. Curunir saying 'go nuclear' is what prompted it, as in 'going nuclear'...you know what, nevermind. If I have to explain it's not funny anymore.
  4. As I have no experience with CCraft I wouldn't know if it was a typo or not lol. I'll look into it though, thanks. Edit: I'm an idiot and forgot I could do all this with the Rednet Port in BR itself. For those who might be curious I built a 32x32x48 reactor in creative. I gave it 300 rods grouped together in the center and filled the rest with cryotheum (300 rods equaled 1/3 of the total interior space, giving me a 2:1 coolant ratio). I used rednet ports to set the control rods to 98% to keep it under 900C (hovers around 780C but 97% would push it to just over 1100C). It's currently pr
  5. Alright I'm sorry to necro this but I'm having a fit trying to get your CCraft solution working M1r077. It's doing exactly nothing when I slap a computer in front of the port and type out those lines. I decided to build a maximum size reactor and now have 300 rods to configure. As I'm not completely insane I don't want to do them manually but so far this computer is making me want to do bad things to my actual computer...
  6. Unless you can add in the line it's been removed from the config file. I would have edited it otherwise
  7. I thought it was 20% actually, but the loss is constant regardless of source/destination dimension. I rather think 25% is too high (10 seems a nice number to me) but in the end it's peanuts anyway I suppose.
  8. He said he was covering MFR in a future guide. Plus, a sludge boiler requires sludge to work, which means you would need to be harvesting something. That's a two step increase over the stated method.
  9. There is no need to mine diamonds to get obsidian. You can make an igneous extruder from TE3 and set it to make either stone, cobblestone, or obsidian. Obsidian will require 1 bucket each (1000mB) of lava and water while the other two only require water (lava still needs to be in the machine though). Best of all, it does all this without any power at all I suggest we sticky this and add to it as needed if Curunir's up to it.
  10. The Nuclear option: The ONLY option
  11. The wiki is your friend for the most part so don't be afraid to use it The primary mod in the pack is undoubtedly Thermal Expansion 3, which handles pretty much everything from power generation to materials processing and routing. I'd advise playing around with that a bit and then moving on to things like Buildcraft quarries for mining, Applied Energistics for storage and crafting, and Big Reactors for large scale power generation. You won't find much in the way of guides for Tekkit in general so you need to just get the hang of specific mods in the pack. If you're looking for mod gui
  12. AE machines accept EU, RF, and MJ power. REC's like Curunir said or use a tesseract (although I'm not sure if the reactor power tap can connect directly to a tesseract or not, ME controllers can).
  13. BioGenerators are more efficient than Compression Dynamos in this regard. A single bucket of biofuel produces exactly 800K RF at a rate of 160 RF/t. They can output both types of energy by the way (RF in this pack version), not that it makes much difference when you hook a conduit to them anyway. So they're twice as powerful as dynamos and 60% more fuel efficient to boot. Granted I certainly don't feel like setting up 125 of them to power a single drill but you could easily power a good sized base with them and a handful of high-efficiency bioreactors if you have the farms set up properly.
  14. I ran my last world's base on biofuel back before TE had dynamos and before I started messing with Atomic Science. The output really does scale down quite a bit the fewer types of items you have in the reactors though. I'd have to run numbers again but I wonder what it would take to get my current 50K RF/t out of just bioreactors and biogenerators?
  15. EE3 is an integral part of some of my factory processes and acts as a backup when I run out of some materials heh. I'm pretty sure Mystcraft exists because no other mod in the pack allows you to make entire worlds to suit your tastes. I don't see any other technology-focused mods doing anything of the sort anytime soon lol. As for DDoors, I could take or leave it. In terms of things to explore it certainly fits as some of those dungeons are awesome but otherwise I would agree it doesn't seem to fit. To each their own though. I avoid CCraft like the plague so who am I to talk
  16. DDoors can be fun to roam around in but dangerous to use as a teleporter. I had to abandon an entire age because I grouped too many doors together in one place and it severely lagged the box. Mystcraft on the other hand is awesome and full of win in so many ways. I honestly don't know how I'd play Tekkit without it
  17. That's entirely up to Galacticraft's developers, not anyone here. I would suggest asking them on their site.
  18. Please post bugs in the relevant pack's bug tracker thread, not here.
  19. No but a lot of people seemed to prefer it for some reason.
  20. Very much this, although BC is still fairly useful with its machines (yes they have more than one useful machine ). Losing IC2 was indeed quite painful from a power generation standpoint as it took away solar panel arrays and nuclear reactors. It also deprived us of stupidly fast processing machines, quantum armor, and the ever amusing mining laser (scatter mode ftw). Tekkit's current mix of mods however pretty much replaces all of these to one extent or another.
  21. My MAC is only 16x4x4 (48 CPU's). As for the rest of your post, I'm pretty sure that's what I said above lol. I'll stop hijacking the thread now, I swear.
  22. Tekkit Classic and Tekkit Lite are indeed no longer updated as some of the mods in those packs are either dead in the water or operating on a wildly different development schedule from the rest of the pack's mods. It's unfortunate but I assure you Tekkit v1.2.9e for MC 1.6.4 is quite nice to play with. If you prefer the older versions then I'm afraid you're stuck with playing on far older versions of MC unless you're a mod pack making guru of some kind.
  23. Only if you consider a DSU per most major resource items capping lol. I have right around 90 of them at the moment and the room is only 1/3 done, to say nothing of my ME drive for misc. crap and fluids. I think you misunderstood me. I'm talking about having to make caches of sub-components for the MAC since I no longer have the ability to pulverize/cook things in 0.1 seconds or however long it took an overclocked IC2 pulverizer/furnace to do it. Technically speaking I don't have to keep caches of stuff on hand but if I don't the crafting process takes much, much longer as the MAC has to go
  24. I'm with Pagan about the overclockers as far as missing IC is concerned. I've had to setup a ludicrous number of ME emitters tied to TE machines to maintain a constant cache of many materials because they take so much longer to make than IC equivalents. My processing area is a semi-organized mess of cables now lol.
  25. The only bugs I know of in Tekkit are spiders. Well actually they're arachnids I suppose. Does that count?
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