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  1. Ingame name:DarthGenEx How long you have played mc/b-team:Minecraft since It came out B-Team same How often you play mc/b-team:Everyday Age:19+ Other information:I'm from Croatia
  2. Minecraft username:DarthGenEx Where you found this server?On the modpack server list Why you want to be on this sever?I really like to play with other people and I love this modpack What are you planning on doing on the server?Build,Play and have fun Your favourite colour?Green
  3. What is your Minecraft in game name (IGN?)DarthGenEx What is your age? Only 18+ will be considered:19+ What time zone do you reside in?+1GTM How active do you expect to be?Everyday active How experienced are you with Minecraft mods, such as those included in our pack?well It's 8-10 Do you have anything in particular you hope to accomplish on our server?yes have a good time and maybe record for youtube ;D What is the server's policy regarding PVP? (It's in the rules):consensual only
  4. 1. What is your Minecraft name?DarthGenEx 2. How old are you?19 3. Previous tekkit exp.?I played it in SP world a lot 4. Why do you wan't to join?I wanna play with people on server and have fun 5. What can you bring to the server?I'm really good at building stuff and helpfull a lot 6. What is my name?whitest0rm 7. Anything you wan't to tell about yourself?Real name is:Nikola 8. Your location and timezone in GMT:Croatia +1 GTM 9. Tell us shortly about yourself:I did 10. Do you agree the rules?Yes I do
  5. Username:DarthGenEx People call me Niks Age:20 I like your idea and I was looking for a server like Hermitcraft and stuff like that small community is always better and yes I'm really helpful guy Modpack experience 1-10:10 -Niks ;D
  6. IGN: DarthGenEx Age: 19 Time Zone: +1GTM Have you ever been banned from a server?: Nope How long have you played Minecraft?: For about 2-3 years Any additional information you'd like to add: I really like to play with friendly and mature community
  7. In-Game Name:DarthGenEx Age:19 Why do you want to play on this server:I really like Whitelisted servers with great people and to have fun playing What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.):All the things but mostly build What DON’T you like to do:I don't like to do nothing Experience with modpack (1-10):10 What is love:It's a felling the strange one Squirtle or Pikachu:Pika-Pika
  8. Basics:Real name Nikola(Nick) In game name:DarthGenEx Age:19 Timezone:GMT +1 About You:I'm coming from Croatia,Sisak and that's all Describe your Minecraft experience:Oh man well It's really good you know regular minecraft experience Describe your experience with Minecraft servers:Amazing most of the time I like to build stuff and play minigames Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened:Nope never What attracted you to this particular server?It's whitelisted so that means there are good people on It Anything Else? Optional.Is there any
  9. IGN:DarthGenEx Age (Don't have to say):19 Skype (you may PM me if you wish):newgenesisnetwork Why would you like to join the server?:I really like whitelisted servers and a great stuff Why would other people want you to be on the server?:I'm funny,friendly,I do a surprises,Giveaway some cool stuff and I help a lot
  10. Ign:DarthGenEx Age:19 Location:Croatia,Sisak Why Would You Like To Join:I really like the Comunity servers and to play with other people How Much Experience Have You Got In AOTBT:1 to 10 It's 10 What Mod Are You Best At:Chisel,Carpenters Blocks,Thermal Expansion,Galactic Craft,and so on Skype:newgenesisnetwork
  11. Name:DarthGenEx Age:19 Skype:newgenesisnetwork Reasons you want to join:I really like whitelisted pve servers becouse i like friendly people so yeah I wanna join Agree to and understand the requirements:yes Other things you want to say:nope all good
  12. IGN:DarthGenEx Age:19 Location:Croatia,Sisak Modpack experience 1 to 10:10 Building skills 1 to 10:8 medieval and modern Why you?:Becouse I really like private servers and a good people on them,I wanna be part of the server that is like Hermitcraft so I wanna have fun Anything extra you want to add?:No It's good
  13. Application 1. Ign:DarthGenEx 2. Age:19 3. Skype (Helps us communicate)newgenesisnetwork 4. Experience with AotBT?lvl pro 5. What mods are you going to focus on the most?all of them tinkers construct,galactic craft,thermal expansion... 6. Do you have any projects in mind?(Be creative)yes i'm planing to do a modern town that will give a unlimited power to the players 7. Would you add/remove any rules? Do you agree with all the rules?no they are good
  14. *Who are you? A human,minecraft player named DarthGenEx *Where are you from? Croatia *How old are you? 19 *Why do you want to play on our server? No plugins and It's pure survival *What do you think you can offer our server? A really helpfull myself...I like helping people *Who was your favorite power ranger? Really..Ok Ok It was a black ranger and a golden
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