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    DoxNotch got a reaction from anonymous_05 in Recently started an LP series on a new world if you want to watch!   
    Hey guys! I've just started a new map in AoTBT and along with it, a new chapter in my LP of the modpack! Give it a look if you're interested
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    DoxNotch reacted to Kalbintion in My Tutorial On The Project Red Transport Pipes!   
    some notes about the tutorial - the reinforced chests, lockers, and storage crates do indeed work with the pipes just fine. However keep in mind that the crates fail to broadcast all of the items available unless each crate has a broadcaster on it, this said it can store a ton of the same item and it seems to fill out when it can but it'll have residual items in it.
    Looped pipes cause issues in any fashion (even if the loop is very large) and should always be avoided. Microblocks can be used in compact set-ups to avoid loops on machines.
    Using the extraction orientation property on the chip, you can make a single pipe run on machines to make an input/output system wihtout the need of the additional pipe being ran for output - however this is set on a per machine basis for the side that is intended to be the output.
    Using a hopper on a chest to extract items is too slow for the upgraded chips (even non-upgraded in some cases) to be effective and using the pipe directly on a chest is a better way to go as there won't be any delay caused by a hopper.  you can have a dual chest set-up next to each other (using reinforced chests or a trapped/normal chest) - this said, reinforced chests can be placed next to each other if they are the same type and not have them join together by placing the same type a block away (air gap between) then placing the non-connecting chest in-between that, then removing the unnecessary third chest.
    the timer for stock keeper seems to be based on a 100 tick timer (like the other pipes & chips) however I'm entirely unsure if it uses 100 ticks initially then lowers itself until the stock is kept (similar to how MFR machines use the idle bar at a longer duration initially until it finds work then making it a lower delay between cycles)
    For mob farms/grinders, using a tesseract set-up to send items into the system can prevent pipes from being needed to be ran directly to storage, however this will cause an issue with storage if it is not maintained and have a bunch of items flow into the system, this can be bypassed by using a buffer chest that if it fills up, to turn off the tesseract on that end, thus turning off the connection for the other (Sending only) tesseracts to accept input.
    Junction pipes should really only be used at intersections, otherwise the regular pipes will be randomized each time and cause a long delay for items to be sent to the right direction, the junction pipes (along with the other pipes which act like junction pipes) is a lot smarter than you may think.
    For the trash system, there is  a much more compact system available with regular redstone, and probably could be more compact with the use of ProjRed:Integration. I could describe this if you're interested and provide pictures.
    I believe this covers all of the info i wanted to make note of from watching the video. Any questions/clarification on things, let me know.
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    DoxNotch reacted to Shadow Panther in My Tutorial On The Project Red Transport Pipes!   
    Thank you - the screwdriver works perfectly!
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    DoxNotch reacted to HalestormXV in My Tutorial On The Project Red Transport Pipes!   
    If the screwdriver doesn't work. You can also make a cover and slip it In between the side you are trying to remove the connection from. I had to do that because I had a system already setup and a mod pack update caused all my pipes to rotate and connect to the incorrect inventory.
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    DoxNotch got a reaction from cafcforever in Thermal Expansion Tutorial!   
    This is a guide on how to get started with Thermal Expansion! I also explain all of the different dynamos and how they work. If you need help getting a power system set up, this video's for you!

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    DoxNotch got a reaction from Turgle in Why do I lose my Advanced Genetics additions when I die?   
    Once you have your genes, take a syringe of your blood and centrifuge it then put it in storage somewhere. Your extra syringes will always be there when you die and I usually go overboard and keep about 6 of them on drying racks by my machines!
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    DoxNotch reacted to Emperor Ansem in MFR and generating power   
    attach a lava crystal to a lumber axe and make smokey cry.
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    DoxNotch reacted to DragonScythe in Archimede's ships causes crash.   
    Sweet video DoxNotch, really helpful and saves a lot of time!
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    DoxNotch reacted to Kr0nZ in How to obtain monster spawners?   
    Witch spawners do spawn naturally around the map.
    The PortaSpawner from MFR can pick up spawners, and I think the block teleported from random things can also move spawners.
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    DoxNotch got a reaction from Loader in How To Build An Auto Metal Farm!   
    This is a tutorial on how to build an automatic tin , aluminum, copper, iron, and gold (T.A.C.I.G.) farm! It uses thermal expansion and oreberry bushes to get you loads of metal with no work involved!

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