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  1. Not enough info posted. No logs, specs, didn't attach the error message or anything.Can't help.
  2. EvilOwl


    That part of the log you posted is not the actual error and you didn't even post any additional info, like not even a word about the issue. Just "Need help.Thanks".
  3. You've set your launcher to use 5GB of ram. You don't have 5GB of free ram. Your own log says "The system is out of physical RAM or swap space".
  4. Nope, mediafire will not work with the platform at all. They will only work for you, the rest of the world will get a html file instead of the modpack zip. You gotta learn to test those things, use your browser's Private Browsing/Incognito Mode for testing direct links. Check this article http://circlecraft.info/hosts/
  5. There's no logs, no details, no modpack link, not even the modpack name is mentioned.The user didn't mention anything about their system, didn't post how much ram they have or their java version. How can we debug this without any info? The topic indicates you can't load a save and you mentioned that you "accidentally disconnected my computer from its power source", that means you corrupted your world. If you had backups then just revert to a backup, if not then we need a lot more information than this and there are cases when world corruption is irreversible.
  6. Contribute some time to the forums and then we can talk about unbanning on discord.
  7. This is a forum for the Technic Launcher, we indeed have a discord server too but it looks to me like you are having trouble with discord in general or with some other discord server. We don't have a member with the name "venetiancrusader", we also don't have anyone banned with that name. You should contact Discord support: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  8. Remove 32 bit java. Install 64 bit java.
  9. @JaariAtmcNah, that's just the ftb paste site. This is the modpack they are using https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/uq-pack.833219 They reported on ftb first tho https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/game-crashes-after-starting-map.265952/
  10. There are 2 possibilities: 1. Problems accessing the authentication servers like a pesky firewall/antivirus or like poor internet connection. 2. Malware that overwrote your hosts file with a malicious site pretending to be the authentication server. Open https://authserver.mojang.com/ manually in your browser, can you open it at all? What do you see? Is the connection secure?
  11. @658.am this is an issue in lwjgl that's happening on Win 10 machines with old Intel hardware and recent java 8 versions. The issue and the fix was mentioned like gazillion times on this board. Just search for "Pixel format not accelerated". Hint: downgrade your java version to 8u25 x64. P.S. you broke the rules by posting that wall of text (log). Use pastebin links, edit your post and fix the issue. @E4RU you have potential, join our Discord, check out the crash solving bot in action in our help channel, ask questions or just come and hang out with the community. I forgot about rules, yeah, definitely read those if you decide to stay.
  12. @SamuelStam (Roflexus) logout from vanilla and log back in, if that fails then reset your password.
  13. ATM3 = All The Mods 3 = "all-the-mods-3-official". Moving to Platform Pagoda.
  14. Your web server config is all wrong, you should only host the "public" directory, instead you are hosting all the files, including the ones that shouldn't be available from the internet. The solder app and the mods repository should be two separate vhosts so using weird port ranges for this is a bit strange. Learn to utilize vhosts.
  15. Not sure but I think those are rifts from Dimensional Doors.
  16. The mediafire link you provided is not a direct link.
  17. You are also running java 9. Uninstall it and install java 8 64 bit. More info here.
  18. Your Forge is named modpack.jar.jar. Yes, that's not a typo.
  19. We'll leave it open for others to find
  20. If you decided on the original pack from the ATLauncher then we cannot help you further with your issue. You can ask on the ATLauncher support board here: https://forums.atlauncher.com/forum-5.html or on their discord server here: https://discordapp.com/invite/0eXDtXikrVAJffxY
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