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  1. The nether rack thing should be fixed: it deprecates igniters.
  2. Okay then ty You can keep my signature, mimicry is flattery
  3. This makes no sense and you ripped of my signature. Not sure if thats against the rules though.... is it?
  4. Tracker please, and again more detail. If you have important stuff in that world, use mcedit to get in and maybe delete glitching blocks.
  5. 1) Tracker 2) more info May be that you deleted that blue block in the middle.
  6. I know why. It's because Tconstruct doesn't have compatibility with chisel. You can't make tool parts out of netherrack either, which also makes igniters unobtainable.
  7. No, because..... If its a vanilla sign, thats not tinkers construct. Battlesigns (or any construct wepoan) can't be enchanted anyway.
  8. Ars magica, no, too involved Soul shards: kinda like mfr auto spawners/dna cloners but a loooot cheaper and can get a little chesty when used with mfr grinders.
  9. Bug Tracker please, this belongs there.
  10. Corrupted chunk. Try editing the player location in files or wipe the chunk.
  11. How/can you change your member status? If this is too stupid delete it, i will once i get an answer Thanks and don't call me stupid or anything cause I'm well aware already
  12. And i changed my avatar. Next person is banned for saying my avatar is about tnt or chocolate.
  13. :3 fine You're banned for not seeing the point of me banning everyone, and for having a tnt avatar, which is used for griefing.
  14. The worst kind of server actually BANS items unless you donate for them. Not fun. Sidenote; The mine craft EULA now outlaws "selling" items: aka giving items in game for real money. Search up "mine craft bans donations"
  15. With moss, its survival of people who actually bother to check if theres an easy crafting recipe for it.
  16. There probably is since its a ForgeTeleport action which can probably be disabled, just don't quote me on this.
  17. Oh whoops, i had a derp. It breaks the spirit world, not tropic craft. That was a typo made in the middle of the night XD
  18. Hamachi is not an option, thanks though. If you can make the server "normal" then ill look into it. Just remember i am making no decisions as of yet, as there is now a possibility my friend is making his own server.
  19. Bug tracker. Also, none of these have been reported, and you shouldn't need to do anything other than download the pack and play it.
  20. Testing on creative, seems that bane of pigs/instaminer doesn't do any extra damage against witchery bosses (horned huntsman, baba yoga, even death). Not sure if this is intentional or whatever, just wanted to give it attention as it's annoying.
  21. Dimensional doors breaks tropic craft i think Mad science BIG yes it definitely fits in Dynamic lights: kinda random but sure
  22. big red button? And they'll only add it if the b team approves.
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