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  1. Well would have been nice. Died to some ghoul which wasn't so bad but when I respawed I was spawned into lava where I burned to death so I couldn't use to back button to go back and get my stuff. Now that's a joke!! . Would like to have another go. Alicyn_Chains
  2. IGN: Alicyn_Chains = Me IGN: Frankiestyne = my 8 year old daughter Age: 43 Looks like a great server I'm totally interested hope you will consider us.
  3. IGN = Alicyn_Chains and FrankieStein I play with my Daughter Sometimes Age 42 Electrician I enjoy Building and Adventuring . Seems like you might have a cool challenging server.
  4. IGN- Alcyin_Chains and Frankiestein I'm 42, Electrician, and occasionally play with my daughter. This Server Seems cool to me. Hope to Join
  5. My IGN is Alicyn_Chains and Frankiestyne. I play sometimes with my daughter . I'm up for the challenge of playing this server. I would like to play coop with a partner would be cool. Age 42 Never played a Beta really no. I'm not a skyper except to people I can get know first. I watch Youtube for help on some machines. I'm a laid back Cool Player and like to work as a team.
  6. I'm 42 builder / adventurer and am interested in joining a team to play with. Name is Frankiestyne and Alicyn_Chains. I some times play with my daughter. Hopefully I qualify.
  7. Hello IGN Alicyn_Chains and Frankiestyne Age 42 Location in the US Playing for about 1.5 years I like to play on my down time from work with my daughter hence the 2 names. Would like to find a place to play and call a home
  8. I'm an older player (42) looking for a home with my daughter to play minecraft .Our names are Alicyn_Chains and Frankiestyne.
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