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  1. It is a feature that has been added to later versions of Tinker's Construct. The version in Hexxit doesn't let you do that.
  2. I think the changing liquid metal order was added in a newer version of Tinker's Construct. Which is a version for mc 1.6.4. So you can't install it in Hexxit.
  3. Those mods that are not updated (yet) for 1.6.4 are imo the mods that add important flavour to Hexxit. They basically create most of the interesting loot for the dungeons. As for Better Dungeons mod. The configs are a lot of work if you want items from mod to show up in chests and for dungeons to spawn in mod biomes. With default config you will only find them in vanilla biomes, generating vanilla loot. So to get it right, you first have to decide in which biomes you want certain dungeons types to spawn and then add them to the configs (DungeonConfig directory). Then for the items from mods you want to see spawned in dungeon chests. You have to find their id's first. You can use NEI to dump an idlist and then add them to the configs (ChestConfig). You have to check other dungeons/ruins mods for this too. Some have built in support for the better known biomes mods though. I know that Ruins mod has built in support for ExtraBiomesXL and BiomesOPlenty. One advantage you have is that an annoying config bug has been fixed in the 1.6.4 better dungeons version. In the mc 1.5.2 versions (and Hexxit) not all listed biomes are registered in the config. So some biomes refuse to spawn Better Dungeons structures.
  4. I don't know what you are trying to achieve besides having both groups of friends playing together. For which this kind of works. Tekkit comes with modular power suits mod though, that will make Battletowers and Better Dungeons maybe a little too easy. Maybe at least set the server difficulty on High ( if you didn't do that yet). Also make sure the Infernal Mobs ability that attacks gear durability is turned off (if you decide to keep power armour). Because it will also destroy power armour. I would remove Modular Power Suits. Because it basically renders Hexxit armour sets mostly useless. And most of enchanting too. Oh and Chocobo's for transport. But that maybe doesn't sit nice with the Tekkit players. IC2's armour is also a problem icm Hexxit. We used Hexxit as basis and expanded on that theme. I added Thaumcraft (with Thaumic Tinkerer), Mo' Creatures (disabled certain similar mobs in Project Zulu), Carpenter Blocks, Booze Mod, Chisel, Pam's Growthcraft, and some some aesthetic stuff that was requested and which I think didn't interfere (too much) with the Hexxit theme. I also added Railcraft for some automation. It fits better in a lowtech theme and I thought it was a nice idea because in tech modpacks I see it rarely used because of the gazillion types of pipes. We had a mix of tech with Hexxit before and that is when I noticed the problem of having Modular Power suits in Hexxit. The moment players got that (which is quite early on), the loot in dungeons became mostly useless. Durability loss on armour is important for Hexxit imo.
  5. Nicely done, I guess. I can understand your reason for doing this if you want two groups of ppl playing together. But it probably destroys balance in Hexxit though. With rechargable armoursets (IC2 and maybe Power Armor if you have it too), you made almost all loot from dungeons and battletowers redundant. The tech mod armours are kind of op for Hexxit in my experience. Especially with flying so easy available now (battletowers? :/ ) . Also, why would you bother with enchantments on armour now? You will also notice some weird things. Like loss of durability on Power Armor because of an Infernal Mobs ability. I think Rust ability does this. Making mods work together is the easy part. Making a balanced , well configured and fun modpack with not much redundancy is a lot more work.
  6. I am afraid that if all mods are being uploaded at Curse, that I won't be able to download them anymore with Adblock , no script and other tools enabled that I built into my tinfoil hat.
  7. So I went around to check which Hexxit mods have been updated to 1.6.4. Many are done or in the process of being updated. But I noticed though that the creator of Ashard Shield mod hasn't been active for a while now. I love this mod and its addons. It is one of the mods that is much needed to make the loot in Battletowers and BetterDungeons mods more interesting. Does anyone know more about this then what can be learned from his thread on the minecraft forums? Also, how would Thaumcraft fit into Hexxit? We added it for our own server (and some other mods) and didn't think it felt out of place or make other mods in Hexxit redundant. I would like to see a Hexxit 1.6.4 at some point, especially to get rid of the biomes bug in Better Dungeons (fixed on 29/12).
  8. You can play Hexxit using the normal minecraft launcher. But you will have to get Minecraft 1.6.4 and manually install Forge first. Then launch it once , close minecraft and merge some of the folders inside the hexxit directory with your minecraft directory (Chocolate, config, CustomDIskins , mods, coremods, resources. Maybe libs too not sure, you will have to try). Another thing you might want to look up is how to create more then one Minecraft installment to play around with. So you can use the configuration from Hexxit and don't need to do them on your own. I suggest to import Hexxit into a program like MultiMC though. It is a lot easier for managing different modded Minecraft versions with. Also Technic launcher doesn't steal your account details with the launcher. It just uses determines where you live so to send drones to your house that will scan your brain.
  9. Both Thaumcraft 3 and Ars Magica would fit the theme of this pack I think.
  10. We have problems running recent versions of Big Dig with default mem settings. A couple of our players are stuck with 32bit java and are experiencing lag spikes all the time. The client doesn't crash, but you get a 1sec pause every minute or so. The memory usage (as seen with F3) keeps running to the max of 1Gb. I've tried it myself and I ran into the same problem. The lag spikes happen because for some reason the new Big Dig uses 100mb's more of memory then the Big Dig pack we ran for mc 1.4.7. This is with graphics set to fast, rendering distance to normal and no texture pack using 32bit java 7. In SSP its about double the amount of used memory now. On our old server the same players that use 32 bit java didn't have those problems and could even run a 32x32 texture pack. This was a Big Dig version for mc 1.4.7. How come the modpack needs so much more memory now?
  11. Creating a modpack is easy, yes. Maintaining/updating it without losing your worlds can be a lot more difficult. Especially if you are using mods that have dependencies, like BC or IC2 addons. Or worse, mods that for some reason only work with a few forgeversions. Then it is a lot simpler to use some kind of modpack as base and just maintain the mods you add yourself. The only drawback is that you need to wait for the modpack to update. But at least with some modpacks you can expect that they are tested thoroughly before they are updated. Which avoids a lot of boring work.
  12. I don't worry to much about this. This might cause a delay for good server management tools, but fortunately it is not just server admins with Tekkit servers that want to use forge mods in combination with bukkit plugins. I expect a shift to Forge and plugin functionality to appear as Forge mods. It is also in the interest of the mod developers after all. They want to see their mods being used on servers.
  13. .minecraft Is the directory where vanilla is installed. Techniclauncher's default location is .techniclauncher . Move .techniclauncher to whatever location you want it and put a batchfile in the same location as the directory with : set APPDATA=%CD% java -jar .techniclauncher\technic-launcher.jar That should work I think (if there is java 7 installed added to PATH or whatever its called in win)Just make sure that you put the batchfile in the same location as your .techniclauncher directory.
  14. You don't need to specify an ip adress in server.properties. Unless that pc has more then one ip adress (through 2 networkcards for example). Were you maybe running the server already and tried to start it a second time? Or you assigned the wrong ip adress in server.properties like someone else already suggested.
  15. I'm using CC to open/close two castlegates built from frames. They have a doorbell so I can see in my workshop if someone is at the gate. They are just for show now though, because everyone can warp inside my castle. But the program just sends 3 pulses to the specific motor that opens or closes the gate. I don't see how anyone would need timers that constantly run for gates.
  16. We had a similar problem as NVX describes. Continuously pulsing redalloy wire all over a base can cause severe lag.
  17. Might want to use Java 7 instead of 6.
  18. Mine is Dutch and the other languages I speak are not.
  19. You can already do that with Railcraft with unpowered high speed booster rails. Might want to check the Railcraft wiki if you are new to Railcraft.
  20. We are using a server that can't handle much more then normal gameplay. So any lag causing issue is immediately noticable in server console and as lag for players. The top 3 problems we had so far : - Retreating water in a quarry hole. Not much you can do except wait untill it is done if you cant remove the source blocks. - Overflowing buildcraft pipes.Powered obsidian pipe run through condensor is a fast fix. Replacing with redpower tubes even better. - Crazy lenghts of blinking redwire attached to timers. This was when someone put all timers in a central place and ran very long continuously blinking redwire all over the place to control filters and retrievers. We fixed this by replacing filters with retrievers and putting timers closer to the filters and ran the control line of the timer instead to his central workshop. Better yet is a more sensible setup that only runs on demand and not continuously. But this is more complex to create.
  21. If the servers never run at the same time, you can use the default port for both without a problem. And yeah, leave the 'server-ip=' line blank. That is only usefull if you have more then 1 internet connection on that pc and want to specify on which ip address your server should listen.
  22. I would replace that empty chest with a teleport pipe that transports the overflow that I don't want to see on my server into my condensor while I jail the person responsible for the overflow :p
  23. I lack some knowledge about certain RP logic items that I didn't use yet and the RP computer (I'm using Computercraft instead). But I use all the rest of the mods. Even Railcraft signals that I barely see other ppl use. So I guess an 8 or 9. Server running and setting up is still fairly new to me, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. But it is a small server with only 7 active people. So that is a 7 maybe.
  24. After watching that vid, this turned from entertaining to embarrassing. I hope she gets distracted by something happy soon and forgets about all of this. For her sake.
  25. The side of the computer you use is supposed to be a string. And it is colors.lightBlue , not color.lightBlue .Can also use colours btw. input=read() if input="lights" then redstone.setBundledOutput("back",colors.lightBlue) end Keep in mind that this command turns the other colours off if you have connected those. If you just want to control lightblue and not mess with other attached colours, you might want to use : input=read() if input="lights" then redstone.setBundledOutput("back", rs.getBundledOutput("back")+colors.lightBlue) end and to turn off just lightblue: redstone.setBundledOutput("back",rs.getBundledOutput("back")-colors.lightBlue) There are other ways too if you want to call a function that does this annoying long syntax for you and you just add or substract the colours at input.