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  1. There is still a good number of people playing Classic, as far as I know, but I just don't actually see a point in sticking with the old. The new will only continue to get better, while the old stagnates and falls to bugginess.
  2. I've been looking for a good towny pve tekkit server for a while now. None of the ones posted here actually use it, it seems.
  3. Personally I really much prefer Towny. Makes it very easy to just play with a group of friends, and automatically share all equipment and such.
  4. Sirsengir has shown that he is more than willing to put malicious code into his mod, simply because he does not like someone. I would personally be kind of unhappy to see him included in the pack again.
  5. I read the first line, and absolutely lost my shit. ur da best, frizzy.
  6. I've known about this one for a while. You should still be posting this in the bugs section, and not here. Temporary solution is to play catch with the items. No idea why it works, but throwing them around (literally, onto the ground) will occasionally give them the correct damage value.
  7. "Tekkit Lite 0.6.5, the final Tekkit Lite update..."
  8. There's easily a million people using Technic Launcher very regularly. If you don't think any of them have ever thought to scan it before, or even had any problem with it before, wouldn't they have brought it up by now?
  9. You seem to think that it was originally made to be distributed. You keep showing us why you're an idiot, and still have yet to get bent. Please just leave.
  10. I read everything, it doesn't make your post any less moronic.
  11. You seem to have a LOT of misconceptions. For one thing, Industrialcraft most likely will not be returning. Second, Technic SSP never made it past 1.2.5. Redpower will almost most likely not be returning. Both of those mods have been almost completely overtaken and replaced by other mods, that we can also actually rely on to update in a timely fashion.
  12. If you sprint on ice, you move much faster. Same applies to the MFR roads.
  13. Okay, so you were given the solution to your problem, and you don't want it.
  14. Understood, so you have machines that are literally overflowing, but you can't afford to make something that is actually relatively cheap.
  15. AE storage and item movement is instant, and will not send to a full machine. Can you try getting bent?
  16. There was no dispute. Stop spreading shit.
  17. You're welcome.
  18. Technic was first. Tekkit was made because it was a multiplayer compatible version of Technic, with bukkit. Bukkit was then removed, separating Tekkit into Tekkit Classic (with bucket, and not updating), and Tekkit Lite (sans bukkit). Technic was discontinued, as one of the Minecraft updates made it so all mods are multiplayer compatible, so having a single player only version had no purpose. Tekkit has evolved once again, bringing it back to just being Tekkit.
  19. Modpack.jar is not a renamed minecraft.jar. Modpack.jar injects info into minecraft.jar every time you run the pack. You are downloading minecraft.jar directly from Mojang servers.
  20. Here ya go. E: Name it Tekkit.jar, not Tekkitlite.jar. Should be the same process. Just mind you get the right version of mpcp.
  21. You're welcome.
  22. Download that, and follow it's instructions.