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  1. If you consider using a turtle, or a quarry to get materials as "grinding", I would hate to see what you think of having to actually work for anything, videogame or otherwise.
  2. That's a private dropbox link. Other people (including Platform) can't see it. Make a folder in your dropbox root called "Public" (if you don't already have one), and put your modpack in there, and get the link again.
  3. Multi block AI structure, flies around on it's own sucking up any mobs it encounters in a large area. Returns to start location once quota is filled, and delivers spawner block.
  4. There there, I went and had a little yell at him. I just hope he can read it before I get banned.
  5. I'm not sure you can, actually. At least, not without using solder.
  6. Don't be such a scaredy cat, it's perfectly easy to remove the ducks on your own. OP, just open your computer (make sure you unplug it first!), and with pair of scissors (with a plastic grip), just cut any black or yellow wires you see. The ducks are mostly attracted to those, so when they're not functioning, they'll usually leave on their own.
  7. I... Hadn't heard about it. ... None of my friends are cool enough to know it, and therefore not cool enough to tell me about this shit. Aaaaaaaaaaa.
  8. I have. Both first and second. I always highly recommend it to anyone I talk to about classic games, or RPG's.
  9. Yes, that's what it's asking to do. Kinda tricky wording, admittedly.
  10. Underneath the box you click on to get big dig, you click on the little gear icon. Select Manual on the box that pops up, and select the version you want to play in the drop down menu. Save, and launch normally.
  11. You have to use your minecraft account, the same way you would with the normal launcher.
  12. Make sure you have your zip setup correctly. All of the folders should be directly in the zip, not in a sub folder inside the zip. Eg. etc., and not
  13. My old strategy was to rush a tree farm, and use that to fuel all my machines. New strategy is to rush turtles, run magmatics, off a magma crucible. You can look at the wiki for some of this stuff, TE is pretty much the all around IC2 replacement.
  14. The reason it took you over a week to get any kind of help, was because you posted in the completely wrong section.
  15. Yep. Very obscure. I'm shocked anyone caught it. You must be a comedic genius.
  16. I guess you haven't been around very long. There's a bit of a history with Forestry, the first and foremost reason (in my mind) being that the author is willing to include malware in his mod, affecting the end users experience, to get at people he doesn't like.
  17. Make sure your link is and not If it isn't dl, just change it.
  18. Why should there be a thread? There's a rating system.
  19. Niavmai

  20. I hear scrolling down is hard. :(
  21. Today's my birthday, so I am eating cake. c: