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  1. This will fit pretty okay right here I think.
  2. I think Z is used by Modular Power Suits, which should have it's own config options.
  3. 1) IC2 will not be returning to Tekkit any time soon. 2) Look into Thermal Expansion.
  4. Matmos is obnoxious and I hope it dies forever.
  5. I don't think you're allowed to label yourself as someone.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if he was able to check launch stats, as the launcher checks for updates every time it's launched.
  7. No, he wouldn't. Because he has the stats that show it's downloads.
  8. It is currently just under 19 hours.
  9. Cheapshot is Canadian.
  10. That's rednet. I dunno about frames. There's a lot of problems with frames afaik, the biggest of which being that Eloraam refuses to give an API to interact with them properly. I'm sure someone will come up with a good replacement for them that isn't neurotic.
  11. RP is pretty much obsolete. Powercrystals' red network stuff does everything Redpower does, and more, with less obnoxious. Same goes for IC2 as well. vvv
  12. Transmission third mod war third round A decade of the weapon of code above ground No shelter if you're lookin' for shade I lick buttes at the tekkit charade As the minds close like a casket On truth devoured A Silent loud play in the shadow of Kaker A modscene monopolized The moron's eyes on choice disguised Was it cast for the mass who dig and toil? Or for the slowpokes who thirst for blood and oil? Yes a spectacle monopolized They hold the perms and stole your eyes Or the fistagons The bullets and bombs creepers Who stuff the banks Who staff the party ranks More for Elor' or the son of a mod lord None of the above fuck it cut the cord
  13. His name is Ozminer, not Jim, gosh Olleth don't you know anything??
  14. Please ignore Rich, he's an idiot, and also kind of obnoxious. To answer your question, to get a page like that you need to use Solder API. If you don't know what an API is, you may as well stop right there.
  15. You feel like you are the most wrong person there ever was, and should probably stop trying to say things on 'the mods' behalf.
  16. I'm pretty sure we outnumber the boys on IRC, js.
  17. I think the biggest thing we're not pointing out is, why the fuck are you deleting it every time?
  18. Make sure the link to your pack when you put it on platform is, and not