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  1. Q. Do I need permissions from the mod authors? Retrieving permissions from the mod authors is your responsibility. We can't screen every single pack that enters the system and make sure it has proper permissions. We provide a location in your modpack for you to enter in details about your permissions & licensing.
  2. I thought the future was yesterday???
  3. Niavmai

    Someone hire me

    im sry sir we need 7 projects dont call us well call u
  4. The thing with the launcher, is that it's open source. Meaning anyone is basically allowed to do whatever they want with it. However, if you want a trustworthy, virus-free, constantly updated launcher, you should probably only download it from here.
  5. It basically sounds like you're looking for MineColony. It's not exactly what you described, but pretty close.
  6. Read the title as 'Thong broke'. No regrets.
  7. Or the arrow from the head.
  8. She did good standup. Told a few poop jokes.
  9. Hello serious. I am Sam. We should make a videogame together.
  10. Aha! It was all a trick to lure out your true nature! I'm really an American in disguise! :rips off false mustache:
  11. Seig heil, comrade. Together we may fight the imperialist leader Kookiemax and his pack of capitalist pigs.
  12. It's actually technically a problem with the launcher. Something about the API. Olloth needs to fix it. :3
  13. Play catch with the batteries until they get it. Dunno why it works, but it does.
  15. It does have that function, however uploading packs is currently invite only while it's still in testing.
  16. There is no reason not to use the new beta launcher. None whatsoever.
  17. No, they are the average person you see every day. This is what people think. The anonymity of the internet just lets them unleash the moronic beast inside.
  18. You're aware that you can't force them not to, but you scream at them when they do. Lawsuits aren't a thing that can be done, don't even try that angle. I'll sic KoL on you. You're a pretty dumb guy. OH MY GOD WAIT ARE YOU PIOUSMINION?
  19. Hahaha, do you even listen to yourself? Christ dude, get a grip. Drink some water, maybe go for a walk and try again.
  20. I don't think you've ever been on IRC with us.
  21. It named them. You can do a search for either, but they'll likely be in your mods folder.
  22. Imaginary friends? Who did I refer to that could even be construed as an imaginary friend? What in the fuck are you even talking about? Please get your head out of your ass and think before you make more inane posts. No one is pointing to fame. I point out how many downloads there are, because you don't seem to understand the scale you're complaining on. You aren't worth anyone's time, much less the admins who's attention you're trying to get.
  23. It's telling you EXACTLY what the problem is. Read it very carefully. It's saying you have two of the same files, and naming which they are. It wants you to make it so that there isn't two of the same file anymore. What do you think you should do?
  24. No, I'm pretty sure you're wrong on all three of the things you said in this post. I'm pretty sure you aren't aware of anything that goes on outside of your own head. They aren't obligated to give anything to entitled brats like you, and have no reason to waste their time trying to deal with you being obnoxious. Please, when you make your own modpack, with over a million unique downloads, and a custom made launcher, then you can come back and tell us all about how buggy Technic is. Until then, please get bent.