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  1. If you guys are going to constantly spam, and bump an already obnoxious thread, PLEASE at least be funny about it.
  3. I looked at your pictures, they all show incredibly long paths. Go use the program Kirby linked, and don't insult people when you're asking for help.
  4. I was thinking the same thing, based on the error message. He somehow managed to setup some extreme recursion, and it can't figure out what the hell to do.
  5. Dear Cheapshot's Butt, How are you? I am well. I heard about your recent work in the field of penetration, excellent finesse, my friend. However, this recent 'Platform' shindig has gotten slightly out of hand! There isn't a set of pointlessly verbose instructions, how on earth am I supposed to compile my own set of mods (or 'modpack', as I affectionately refer to it)? And when I asked for more guidance, one of your moderators was very rude to me, telling me I should stop being so incredibly dense! Can you imagine? I'm not sure he's even human, he might be a cat. I'm not sure I can approve of inter-species moderating. Love,
  6. The point isn't to see who has the best modpack. It's to make it easy for people to share their pack with friends, or servers to customize their experience. Removing it just because someone doesn't wanna type up a description to share it with 2-3 friends or whatever, is silly.
  7. The url that the platform tells you to use? Or the url of the page that your pack is on?
  8. Just to make sure, you're not putting the direct link in the launcher, right?
  9. You need to use the Solder API. You can read about it in your platform profile.
  10. Y'know you could just post this once, in Cafe Lame, right? You don't have to post it once for every single pack.
  11. I will not give them on a boat I will not give them in an oak I will not give them here or there I will not give them anywhere I do not give a fuck you see Now go away, and let us be.
  12. You really thought he would understand 'together'?
  13. You put it in the /bin/ folder, right? Other than that, it could be a malformed jar.
  14. Implying the American way to do anything is ever the correct way.
  15. 404's for me. Does it 404 for you? Maaaaaaaybe make sure your modpack is actually there.
  16. Becomes
  17. Delete the part where it says www, and type dl. The difference is that dl prompts it to automatically download, whereas www doesn't.
  18. Make sure you use dl, instead of www, like Ragnar did in his link.
  19. Classic will be updated once/if there is an update/replacement for forge.
  20. I feel like we should show this to all those people advocating for 'no modpacks, make everyone put it together themselves'. :v