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  1. Edited because I knew that but was too thoughtless to put it in. :v
  2. They still made tons of money off of it, because people are too dumb to vote with their wallets. CEOs will see the profit margin, and think it's perfectly acceptable.
  3. Boy oh boy, isn't this helpful!
  4. Take that up with the mod authors.
  5. It makes a LOT more power. One generator was enough to keep my entire wall of machines running, no problem.
  6. ...modpack folder? There is no modpack folder. modpack.jar goes into /bin/.
  7. The only point that you're forgetting is that you need a legitimate minecraft account to download any of these packs.
  8. Tekkit Lite is Technic rebranded. Anything missing from Lite is what Technic would be when it was updated to 1.4.7.
  9. You're saying that like it's not a bad thing.
  10. If it doesn't say open, you've done something wrong. If it says open, they're doing something wrong.
  11. I just had the exact same error, try launching a different pack, and then going back.
  12. Did you try looking? In your configs folder? Because if it's not there, you've done something horribly, horribly wrong.
  13. Try turning off sounds in mekanism.cfg. That seems to mess with a lot of people.
  14. You only need to register to upload your pack, not download.
  15. I dunno how mediafire works. Use dropbox. Get the download link and change 'www' to 'dl'.
  16. Get your nerds shined up, grab a piece of technic 'form The packs are gonna move ya Take a mod, pull it ouuuut The fun is gonna move you when you pop it in your mouth~
  17. Yes. The same way as you would make a custom pack with the previous launcher.
  18. Yes. Upload it to one of those. Go to platform, click Create Pack, name it, etc. Then go to your modpacks, and edit in the link.
  19. Well do you have a modpack already uploaded to a host?
  20. Make an account at It's fairly simple from there. As of right now, registrations are down, so you'll have to wait a bit.
  21. 130. The exact cost of precisely 1 ugg boot. In CAD.
  22. To add to this, make sure your zip is setup as, etc., as opposed to Commonly made mistake.
  23. Melts in your mouth, not in your pants.