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TPPI Server WHITELISTED 20Slots Just ask! "Adult (no 8 year olds)"


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My friends and I are looking for a good tppi server to join. The one we're on now lags too much. If I'm accepted most likely the other 4 guys I play with will join also.


My IGN is dpierres and I'm 32.


My friends are...







I understand if you need to have them post a reply. We are all very experienced with Tekkit and find it way too easy to "win". We're looking for a stable home to play tppi.



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Hey, I would like to be added to the whitelist.  My ign is "A_Tasty_Peanut".  I am a 18 year old college student studying for aerospace engineering.  I have no experience with TPPI but I do learn quickly.  I would like to join this server because I enjoy the community that is fostered in small minecraft servers.

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