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PRIVATE TPPI SURVIVAL [You will get whitelisted in under 24 hours][WHITELISTED][MATURE]

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My friend and I are looking for a group of people to play Test pack pleas ignore with. tppi is more fun to play with a group of people you can talk to, mess around with, and have fun with. So if you are interested is playing with us, then please submit an application. We prefer for you to have a mic, and act a mature. We really hope you meet the criteria we are searching for! We have our own mumble server.


How long have you played minecraft:

Where are you from?

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Hey I'm Bosscuts!


Age: 16


IGN: Bosscuts


How Long Have You Played Minecraft: I don't know specific date but I believe a few months after 1.7.3 Beta was released.


Where are you from? The U.S. 


Please note: I can be hyper at times, I live in Washington and coffee is like the life nectar of the state


PSS: Ignore my Location, It's a reference to the game Metro 2033

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Age : Im 14 turning 15 in february

IGN: kavin1337
I have played minecraft/ftb for aboyyt 3 years
Im from Sweden but talk pretty good english. Time zone GMT+1
I would like to join bcus want a small nice server to have fun with other people and build nad come far : )

have skype to

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