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Tekkit (Legacy) Server Crashes When Another Player Joins


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As regular here, I suggest you leave this thread at this now, Teevo.

You're still around, and you haven't gotten a stylish pink name. In my eyes, you've come out ahead in this argument with Neowulf.

Please stick around if you like. Go read the rules, if you haven't yet (I think you have?), and I'm sure this incident will soon be forgotten.

Welcome aboard. You've survived your trial by fire. Don't ruin it now. ;)

Edit: damned mobile version! I wasn't aware there were even more pages. Poo!

Uh, ignore this post, or any parts that are no longer applicable.

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Teevo, I suggest you keep it low-key. I understand how Neowulf's attitude gets you angry, but I understand how he got to that attitude just as well. As I said, dealing with barely-educated anonymous morons will make you jaded and cynical over time. It will make you grow a spiky shell that will hurt others, also those who did nothing wrong or just made trivial mistakes. Relax, take a deep breath and try to see the other side. And most importantly, try to curb your passion a little. It is good that you are passionate, but you can have too much of a good thing.


As for the "old guard", I certainly feel with you. But I still maintain that this very attitude will produce more of the people that you dislike so much. Keep in mind that many of those are just kids, and there is a good chance that they still learn their manners if taught by example. Maybe I'm a fool to believe that, but then so be it. I shall be the fool.

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