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The Certified gentlemen - Brand new channel!


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Hello good people of the interwebs!
We are the certified gentlemen (2 people, profjb & yk88) [hopefully expanding soon] and we're here to give you a new experience into the world of letsplays with

-high rez 10000x10000 graphics.
-Mind manipulating technology.
-morgan freemans voice on demand.

Yeah. Ok, not really.
Still. We hope you enjoy our first pilot episode. If you like it or feel something needs changing for the rest of the series please tell us.
If you would like to join the server we're playing on currently please visit: *LINK*
Thank you!

IMPORTANT: Video is for mature audiences. There's lots of adult references and a lot of swearing. (tbf it's probaly on the same level as pewdipie but we like to mention it anyway).

We didn't really get much done in this episode :P. Should get more done in the episodes to come.

Edited by profjb
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