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Well I wanted to express s my opinion... Well as you guys know there hasn't been any Official Pack updates why? I can care less about all this Technic launcher updates.....(THEY ARE COOL)I honestly want the good old days when you would get pack updates and modpack fixes every week. Technic team i just want to know if you guys lost you're touch towards the modded community half the private packs are buggy and don't even have any mod permission to the author's this isn't fair and where is the release of the official packs made by you're team? FTB ATL and all the other packs released there modpacks 3 moths ago you guys?


This is just a opinion i have been here since the start i just made a forum account today though 


Best Regards WherersWallz

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The Technic team has stated that its work is focused on the launcher only. Official packs are maintained by affiliates who are mostly independent in their work and decisions. Likewise, unofficial packs are completely on their own and need to do their own quality assurance and support. This is intentional, and while it provides great freedom, it also requires some expertise and discipline from modpack curators.


The current Tekkit has been built by Skuli, who resigned from doing this after a long period of not doing much. In his defense, the state of 1.6.4 Minecraft does not require much action any more, as any modpack that wants to live in the 1.7 world needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. To do this, IskanDar has been recruited. He is currently working on a new Hexxit and will then proceed to make a new 1.7-based Tekkit.


That being said, weekly updates are not a hallmark of quality or dedication. In a large, interdependent modpack, updating this frequently makes no sense whatsoever.

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