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Game crashes when opening pulverizer


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So whenever i try to open a pulverizer, my game freezes and goes back to the launcher. The server console just says "Generic reason", no error at all so i know for sure its clientside.


What ive tried so far:

1. Reinstall Java, 64bit version

2. Reinstal pack

3. Run as admin


Now youre probably gonna need more information but its been a while since i posted and i have no idea where to find logs and stuff so if you could tell me where to find 'em that would be grand.


Windows: 7

Java: 64Bit, version 8 update 31


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Error logs can be found when clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window.
If you can't open the launcher the logs can also be found inside %appdata% -> Roaming -> .technic -> logs

Paste the content on pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com and give the link.

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