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[1.6.4] Mc Life 2 [PvE-PvP] [30 Slot] [RPG] [No-Whitelist]

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  • A simple and unique RPG experience
  • Over 50 Mods (Thermal Expansion, Mo Creatures, Pams HarvestCraft, Galactic Craft and Many More!)
  • A Epic world! (Over 100 biomes to be explored!
  • A balance economy and shops!
  • In game voice chat! (Works the same as Dayz!)
  • A menu with all your commands! (Press "Y" and a menu will open! Never look for commands again!)
  • Amazing weather and sound mods to make your gameplay more immersive! (Epic music for all the cities!)
  • Quest and bosses!(Currently being developed!)
  • Balanced mod and gameplay! All mods and content are balanced and fit perfectly in the world!)
  • Epic Sword Skills! 
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