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Harmless Box of Wonders - The Modpack Filled with Death and Fried Food


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Have you ever thought to yourself, "Maaaaan, these zombies and creepers are too non-threatening. Why can't I die with more vigor, preferably with a mouthful of marvelous fried food?"

Your dreams have now come true. This modpack contains mob mods that make the world even more unreasonably aggressive than it already is. Enchanted creepers? Minotaurs? Piranhas? You will fight all of these and then some while clogging your arteries with magnificent fried food that will keep you going in the most dire of situations. Mine special materials provided by Metallurgy 4 and Tinker's Construct, then craft the weapons you will need to survive in your new battlefield.

Roguelike Dungeons provides expansive dungeon structures to explore and be murdered in, and the landscape is dotted with Ancient Warfare fortresses stuffed to obesity with pirates and other malcontents! There's also Tragic MC, which provides 2 new dimensions that are both fascinating and deadly!

You can also use Custom NPCs to make a buddy who will dry your tears when you drag your battered carcass back to your base. Let your tears fuel your thirst for conquest.

Feel free to use this modpack in your Let's Plays! Some credit would be nice, too.

Mod List

Ancient Warfare
Balkon's Weapon Mod
Battlegear 2
Custom NPCs
Enchanting Plus
Fry the World
Infernal Mobs
Inventory Tweaks
Metallurgy 4
Not Enough Items
Roguelike Dungeons
Tinker's Construct
TragicMC 2

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