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Attack of the B-Team Whitelisted Server [10 Players] [Few Rules] [All Mods]

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Brand new server looking for people to join us for fun! This is a vanilla Attack of the B-Team server whitelested for those who want to join! We dont have many rules at all, the only ones are : No Griefing unless at war, No stealing items unless at war, No Stealing peoples Specializations. We will be making a big city that you can have your shops in and live in if you would like to! If you would like to join, please fill out this application to see if you are good to fit in! Please be active and hope to see you on the server!!!

Real Name:


Skype/Email/Anyway to contact you:

Age (Optional, if you can, please do):

Maturity Level (1-10 and why):

Why do you want to join:

Tell me about you:

Time Zone:

How active are you:



Thank you and hope you make it! (My IGN is Shadowtale103 and my name is Reed)




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Hello! My friends and I are looking for a hosted whitelist server to play on. We have 5 players that are for sure going to be playing. I would like to do a lets play on this server also!

My name is: Zach

My IGN is:britishcyclone52  The others will be (Morgo4418, ConeHawk, KevGaming27, and Viercer)

My skype is: britishcyclone52

My age is: 13 (Our ages Vary from 13 to 16)

I am vary mature i would rate my self a 9 or 10 (We are all vary mature)

We want to join because we need a hosted small server to do a lets play on.

I live in Texas I am vary mature I love games and love making new friends, I am vary good with mods and hope that you will accept us.

My time zone is CST (Only 1 of us are not on CST, He is on PDT)

We are vary active we are in summer so we have lots of time (as long as we are not on vacation)

we really want a server to do a lets play on we also love playing around with dinos and the flans mod :D I hope that we get accepted you sound like a vary reasonable person. Hope to hear from you soon! -Britishcyclone52 

1.8 Skin.png

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Real Name: Austin, don't give out last name

I don't have an IGN (but I can get one)

Email: [email protected]


10 because I come from a military family so I am very disciplined

I want to join this server because I am trying to find a nice small server to play Attack of the B-Team on

I live in Texas and I have all my life I have been raised in a very disciplined home and I plan on enlisting in the marine corps or air force this summer


I play Minecraft on my free time which is about 8 hours a day right now


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Skype/Email/Anyway to contact you:[email protected]

Age (Optional, if you can, please do):17-18

Maturity Level (1-10 and why):8 cuz i dont feel fully grown lol

Why do you want to join:i used to play aotbt about a year ago and the server i used to play is down im looking for a new server to play with my friends(ill invite a couple of friends if you dont mind) 

Tell me about you:im a highschool cenior i live in greece and my interests are gaming and pot

Time Zone:gmt +3

How active are you:minimum 2 h evry day

Ect/P.S./Info:if i get accepted can u pls whitelist my friends : FreeDominion , MrParalyzer they will both be active and they got a great sence of humor

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Real Name: Sydney and my brother Grayson

IGN: Yummy_TouchXD Brother: Lord_Graydeath

Skype/Email/Anyway to contact you: [email protected]

Age (Optional, if you can, please do): 14 & 11

Maturity Level (1-10 and why): I would rate my maturity as a 6 because i am playful and silly but serious when it counts and when is needed because I like to help others and being immature does not help in all situations. I would rate my little brother's maturity as a 5 just because he is younger and silly like me, although he tends to be more serious on servers unless he is talking to someone on the server that he classifies as a friend.

Why do you want to join: We are personally looking for a small attack of the b team server that has less players because it seems that the more players you have the less of a cultured community you have because everyone griefs and treats other people like crap. Also the more players you have the more opportunities there are for there to be destruction on the server. I am a builder and hate destruction because i absolutely hate when i am greifed and hope that this server is one without chaos and destruction and one that we can enjoy playing on. ^-^

Tell me about you: I have a very go with the flow personality but when i feel i need to stand up for myself i can be stubborn. I love helping other people and love to make them laugh. I would say that i have a pretty decent sense of humor just because i love to play with other people and enjoy most people's company. I tend to be very social towards people i don't even know so that way i can make new friends and boost the community in a positive way.

My brother has a very sarcastic personality and can be serious when he wants to. He is caring but rarely shows it unless he truley cares for someone or enjoys their company. he can be somewhat quiet and antisocial on servers but that is okay because he still makes tons of friends. He would boost the server's community in a positive way because he supports others and likes to enjoy his time with them.

Time Zone: We are both in mountain Time in the U.S

How active are you: I would play at least 2+ hours simply because i enjoy videogames, and he would play from 2-3+ hours just because he is a major gamer.

Ect/P.S./Info: if you whitelist me i would very much appreciate if you whitelist Grayson also because we enjoy playing together. If you would like to see some of my builds contact em by my email above. My building styles are Medieval, fantasy, modern, and i can do pixel art too. Thanks for your time ^-^

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Real Name: Just call me CJ :D

IGN: nitsuaj

Skype/Email/Anyway to contact you: My Skype is nitsuaj (my profile pic is a fox taking a selfie XD) My email is [email protected]

Age (Optional, if you can, please do): 13

Maturity Level (1-10 and why): 6 because when I am comfortable with the people around me i tend to act slightly more immature but when time comes to crack down and pay attention i can.

Why do you want to join: I just started b-team and I absolutely love it. The only downside is the servers are plagued with trolls and people that try to stop you from having a good time. I feel that a smaller server would have a real sense of community and I would be extremely honored to join :D

Tell me about you: My name is Cj and I am going into the 8th grade I am the middle child of five and i am very playful i absolutely love the whole idea of a small town and everyone has a different job because it means weather you like it or not you rely on other people and they rely on you :) at my school i was kind of the class clown i love making people smile and make their life just a little bit better :D

Time Zone: PDT :D

How active are you: Extremely XD

Ect/P.S./Info: I hope to see and or be contacted by you soon my preference of contact is Skype so yeah :D

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Real Name: Dylan

IGN: DarknessWIllRise

Skype/Email/Anyway to contact you: DarknessWillRis_ 

Age (Optional, if you can, please do): 12

MaturityLEVELarrow-10x10.png (1-10 and why): 7 because when i am comfortable around people and i make new friends i tend to mess around but im usually very mature.

Why do you want toJOINarrow-10x10.png: i want to join because i dont like playing on huge servers because there are so many trolls and there can be alot of blocklag. I also want to join because im fairly new to AOTBT  and i want to find a little community to make new friends and learn.

Tell me about yourself: Im a kid from alabama that enjoys baseball and videogames very much. I am also a cat lover even though i have 1 cat and 2 dogs XD. I play all games but Minecraft is #1 for me.

Time Zone: Central

HowACTIVEarrow-10x10.png are you: I am active as much as possible. (which is around 6 hours a day)

Ect/P.S./Info: I hope you consider to let me join

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